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An IV drip bag--the perfect lighting fixture

We can think of certain health care paraphernalia that would make for stranger light fixtures. But, hey, this at least gets us off to a good start.

Japan Trust Technology

Here's one of those bizarro products that's just waiting for some genius to come along and help it realize its no doubt substantial potential.

As you can see, it's a light in the guise of a hospital IV drip bag. That's odd enough (unless you're some sort of hypochondriac with a fetish for hospital gear). But it gets even more unusual. As you can also see, it's an LED light with a USB hookup for a plug. Of course, that means you plug it in to your laptop to fire it up.

Now, conceptually speaking, what could that possibly mean? That your laptop is ill and in need of an infusion of energy? OK, that's kind of cute. But it's odd that it actually seems to be the laptop that's energizing the drip bag, isn't it? So, hmmm, maybe this is a statement about things working the other way 'round? About technology and computers somehow being the ultimate drug?

But wait: it turns out you can render the whole computer aspect null and void. This IV drip bag LED light (as usual, we're rather partial to the Google Translate/Japanese version of the product's name: the "LED Light USB Light When 24 Disease Hospitalization") is compatible with an optional, sold-separately adapter that lets you plug the LED Light USB Light When 24 Disease Hospitalization into the wall.

So now, folks, the sky's the limit. You can hang these things just about anywhere you want. You can line your entry hall with them (to reassure visitors). You can hang them in a circle over your dining room table and create a glowing "IV Henge" of your very own.

And there's more: You can actually fill the bag with liquid! Your rave/chill-space-frequenting pals are gonna love that. They can stare at the soft and friendly glow of the LED as a reminder to stay hydrated.

The LED Light USB Light When 24 Disease Hospitalization is available at Japanese online store JTT (which has its own photographic suggestions for use--it might, for instance, look nice hanging from a ceramic giraffe).

The product is apparently available in three colors of LED: white, orange, and blue. It costs 1,200 yen (about $16). A one-plug adapter can be had for about $10, or you can get the adapter bundled with the IV bag for about $22. So, what are you waiting for?

(Via InventorSpot)