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Tech Industry

AMD settles in for China business

The chipmaker has set up a new subsidiary in China to handle and consolidate all of its businesses there.

    Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday officially set up a subsidiary in China to oversee its businesses there.

    AMD (China), based in Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing, will manage the company's investments in China, including the recently announced AMD Technologies (China) and operations in Hong Kong. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based parent company said it plans to open branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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    The new setup in China is expected to boost the chipmaker's research and development efforts, production and sales there. It will provide Chinese customers with services such as training, engineering support, systems integration and software development. AMD recently began offering 64-bit computing to the Chinese market, the company said.

    In April, AMD announced investments worth $100 million to expand testing and manufacturing facilities in China.

    At the opening ceremony, AMD officials described the Zhongguancun Science Park as China's Silicon Valley, as it is known for its advanced technology and innovative ecosystem. The park is home to 1,373 foreign companies or joint ventures, including branch offices or research and development centers of 55 Fortune 500 companies.