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Amazon in Australia: Girt by CNET podcast 98

Girt by CNET returns for 2017 with an in-depth look at Amazon in Australia.


Welcome to a new year of Girt by CNET as we talk you through all the tech news that matters to Australians. We're kicking off with a bang this year, as we go deep on that spectre that has long loomed over Australian retailers.

That's right, we're finally ready to call it. Amazon is coming.

From job listings posted earlier this year to the local launch of its video streaming service, it looks as if the e-commerce giant has tested the waters and is ready to make a splash. The girt team talks about what that means for grocery stores, local retailers, the streaming space and even smart homes. Yes, we've been wrestling with an Amazon Echo Dot. The Dot is winning.

Girt by CNET podcast 98

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