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Little telcos get big speed boost with 4G coverage

Telstra network resellers like AldiMobile and Woolworths Mobile now have another drawcard to lure customers to their low-cost deals, with the addition of 4G coverage.


AldiMobile is speeding up with 4G network coverage.


Not with Telstra, Optus or Vodafone? Fear not -- the little guys of Australia's telco industry are getting 4G.

Thanks to a new wholesale deal with Telstra, mobile resellers AldiMobile, Woolworths Mobile, Telechoice and Better Life will now be able to offer their customers 4G coverage. ALDIMobile is the first off the blocks, promising 4G (where it's available) at no extra cost to customers.

Because mobile virtual network operators like Aldi and Woolworths are reselling networks operated by other companies, they're often slower to get the perks offered by their wholesale partners.

But with Telstra 4G coverage reaching at least 92 percent of the Australian population, Aldi says the new offering will be "another drawcard for people who are considering switching mobile providers."

The move follows a similar launch by Vodafone reseller Kogan Mobile, which last week announced the launch of 4G for its customers.