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Acer promotes top execs

Company President Gianfranco Lanci moves into CEO role, and Chairman J.T. Wang takes over as Acer Group chief.

J.T. Wang Acer

Acer's been on a roll lately, and Friday it rewarded its top two executives.

The world's No. 3 PC maker appointed Acer Chairman J.T. Wang to CEO of Acer Group, which includes Acer affiliates, and Acer Presdient Gianfranco Lanci to CEO of Acer. Wang will also remain company chairman.

In the release regarding the promotions, Acer noted that since the two took over as chairman and president, respectively, in 2005, Acer's revenue has increased from $9.7 billion to $14.1 billion in 2007.

Gianfranco Lanci Acer

Taiwan-based Acer was the fastest growing PC company in the world in 2007, and leapfrogged rival Lenovo as third-largest vendor of PCs. It grew both organically and through acquisitions, adding Gateway and Packard-Bell to its ranks last year.