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Acer GD235HZ review: 3D monitor with gorilla feet

A full review of the Acer GD235HZ, a 3D monitor with well-balanced feet.

Finally, the San Francisco Giants release their own Giants-themed monitor. Oh wait... Josh Miller/CNET

3D is still touted as the missing ingredient that will take our entertainment experiences, be they movies or games, to the next level.

I've yet to be persuaded that it will make such a giant difference, but it doesn't stop many companies from dipping their toes into the 3D waters in an attempt to get consumers to buy more stuff. On the PC gaming front, Nvidia has led the charge for the last few years with its 3D Vision Kit and has done a good job getting the technology out there while garnering support from game developers.

For its 3D solution, Nvidia uses active-shutter lenses, which require power and can be expensive. Later this year, both LG and Samsung will release 3D monitors that use passive 3D glasses that require no additional power source and as a result, are a lot cheaper.

One of those monitors is the LG Flatron D2342, an LED-based monitor that uses the company's FPG-2000 passive 3D glasses to project mind-numbing, three-dimensional images into your brain. We received this in the office last week, so keep watching for a full review, coming soon.

To display in 3D, a monitor needs only the capability to display images at a 120Hz refresh rate, which is about double the typical rate. So, whether your 3D gaming experience is a positive one relies less on the monitor in question and more on the game's developer.

Fortunately, the Acer GD235HZ is a monitor that does more than just play 3D content. Click on our full review of the Acer GD235HZ to see how well it does other things.

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