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A washing machine from the future

It looks like a nuclear warhead, but it cleans better

Washing machine of future

Pardon us--make that a washing system.

The KaionWAVE, from the design labs of Electrolux, is an appliance concept for the true germaphobe. Shunning mere soap and water, it uses ultraviolet light to penetrate fabrics and kill bacteria and viruses while presumably taking care of that ring around the collar. And it will do it all wirelessly, of course. (It would also be a perfect match for the WinePod.)

One problem: It's designed to work on "nano-coated" material, which Appliancist describes as "a durable and stain-resistant fabric that many hypothesize will be used to make the clothing of the future." So much for taking your shirt for a test spin on the showroom floor.

And then there's the obvious issue with its shape, but we'll save that for another post.