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A tiny corner of the blog boom

The blogosphere is amorphous, complex, shape-shifting, inclusive and elusive. Perhaps as baffling as the linguistic patterns on the Indian sub-continent, or the emotional vibes of a gaggle of teenagers.

But from the multitudes of possible trends, factoids or the cosmic meta-blog, I've gleaned one small, concrete example. Something that gives insight into one thing that seems to really be happening. It may even portend for some future for some blogs. is expanding. On his site the founder says they've grown from three people to fifteen during 2006. When Rafat Ali started this media blog back in 2003, he worked alone. From London. From the start, he focused on digital media. Now his blog company, called Content Next, is moving into an office in that navel of media & entertainment, Santa Monica.

So there you have one blog's story: from zero to fifteen in less than four years. From London to Santa Monica. More of a modest zoom than a boom