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A reason you'll want to scratch your iPhone

Hiroshi Okamura has released an iPhone app that allows you to try out your mix mastering skills by scratching on a virtual record. The app is called Re

Hiroshi Okamura

If you've been champing at the bit for a way to really scratch up your iPhone, this may be the application for you. No silly, I don't mean "scratching," but more like "scratchin'."

Hiroshi Okamura has released an iPhone application that lets you try out your mix-mastering skills by scratching on a virtual record. The application is called Re

If you've never tried scratching before, you have to start somewhere, right? And this way you don't run the risk of embarrassing your in front of a crowd or forcing you neighbors to make late-night calls to the police. I mean, if people are willing to learn to play the Ocarina via the iPhone, why not scratching?

From the looks of the video, the virtual record functions as a real record would. I would have tried it out, but $1.99 is too much for this cheapskate to spend on applications that would probably amuse me for an hour or two before I got bored. Not a reflection of the product, but I just know me. Your results may vary.