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A PSP by any other name...

One of the innovations in the new PlayStation Portable likely to be overlooked in the initial lovefest is that Sony wants you to name your gadget.

Navigate to the PSP's "system settings" screen, and the first thing you'll see is a space for giving your gadget a nickname.

We're still grappling for a handle that expresses our innermost feelings about our little baby, temporarily dubbed "WangDangDoodle," but here are a few suggestions for y'all:

•  Pay tribute to the national heritage of new Sony CEO Howard Stringer by naming your PSP after your favorite song by Welsh wailer Tom Jones. Top candidates include "Delilah" and "What's New Pussycat."

•  It's Japanese and poised to take over the world, so why not name your PSP after your preferred Godzilla adversary? We're partial to "King Ghidorah" or "Smog Monster."

•  No good reason, but what about using one of the fine columnists at The Onion as the namesake for your PSP? Since the PSP is also dark and slick, we suggest "Smoove B."

•  Confuse and motivate your PSP by naming it after a discontinued Sony product line. Who knows, maybe you'll get a few more minutes of battery life if you keep patting your PSP on the screen and saying, "Don't worry, little Clie. I'm sure you'll do fine."