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A peeler that appeals

This vegetable peeler stores scraps in an innovative chamber to keep the mess out of your kitchen.

Peel, store, and dump. Jaccard

I have an almost 10-year-old who loves to help out in the kitchen. She's a big fan of peeling carrots and cucumbers for my famous sushi salad. I, however, am not such a fan of finding said carrot and cucumber peelings in the space between the trash can and the cabinet the trash can lives in.

Until my daughter perfects her aim, Jaccard has come up with an innovative solution: a fruit and vegetable peeler with a chamber designed to hold your peelings while you work.

The double-sided stainless steel blade lets lefties and righties share kitchen duties equally. Just grasp the peeler with the blade facing down and peel foods as you normally would. The peelings automatically drop into the chamber. To empty it, just lift the snap-on soft lid and dump directly to your compost pile. Or trash can.

You can drop the whole peeler in the dishwasher (top rack only) or clean it by hand. Find it online or in stores for about $20.