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A measuring cup for the stovetop

The Beka Cook 'n Stir Saucepan makes it easy to combine common cooking tasks. Going from countertop to stovetop to the fridge, the one kitchen tool is a time-saver.

Not your average measuring cup.
Not your average measuring cup. Williams-Sonoma

Cooking requires a certain amount of patience. When we are first learning to cook we have to navigate by trial and error, remembering not to get too discouraged when it is more error than anything else. Eventually, our patience gets rewarded and more and more successful creations are the result. Just because of a few successes, that doesn't mean we should ignore the continued need for patience--but cutting a few corners doesn't hurt.

Kitchens tend to be frenetic, and finding a shortcut that works can be quite a benefit. When it comes to preparing ingredients and stovetop cooking, the Beka Cook 'n Stir Saucepan offers users a smooth transition from one to the other. The stainless steel multitasker goes from the countertop to the stovetop, saving steps for the busy cook.

With a 3.5-quart capacity, the overachieving measuring cup is designed to be an everyday kitchen tool. The interior is delineated with measuring marks in 1-cup and 0.25-liter increments, making it easy to determine quantity, even when use on the stovetop. Complete with a convenient spout and a Bakelite handle for easy maneuverability, the time-saving kitchen-helper helps out with little details. To top it all off--literally--an included lid pops on and off, making it easy to dive right back into leftovers the next day.