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A few angry men demand action from Dell

Dell XPS 630

Is there a problem here? CNET

"Since the 630i's release, some serious concerns have developed regarding the operation of the model. Issues concern the lack of the LightFX 2.0 feature (advertised but not delivered--and now slowly being removed from Dell's advertisements and promo materials), problems with LED lights and system fans acting erratic (sometimes getting stuck at ear-piercing 100% speed)." - David Bowles, via e-mail.

"Dell advertised something called LightFX 2.0 with the XPS 630. Not one system shipped with this feature. Second, ESA, which was so highly touted with the XPS 630, is not completely compatible with the system. When one tries to adjust the speed of the front two fans via the nVidia Control Panel, one of two things happens. Either no speed adjustment is made or the fans spin up to 100% and cannot be slowed. Lastly, the HDD light on the front of the case flashes in a strobelike way unless autoplay is turned off in the OS." - Ray Mitisi, via e-mail

"I was wondering if you would consider revisiting your very informative review of the Dell XPS 630i. The reason I ask is I posted a request for the same on PCPRO, and after a little research they decided to remove the recommended award they had given the system due to so many issues the owners were experiencing." - Pete Smart, via email.

Developing. We're asking Dell for a status report. We sent our review unit back a while ago, otherwise we'd try this stuff out ourselves. The folks having these issues have organized, and you can check up with them at the forum on