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A convict behind LANCOR's patent lawsuit against OLPC's

So LANCOR is run by a crook. Big surprise.

The Boston Globe is reporting that LANCOR, the Nigerian-owned company that has filed suit against the One Laptop Per Child project for patent infringement, is actually helmed by a man convicted of bank fraud. He spent a year in prison. Apparently not much has changed:

OLPC also has been hit by a patent-infringement lawsuit in Nigeria filed by Lagos Analysis Corp. of Natick. The suit claims the foundation stole the company's keyboard design. Negroponte said the lawsuit is without merit, because OLPC uses a keyboard programming technique developed in 1996, long before the Nigerian patent was filed.

The founder of Lagos Analysis Corp., Ade Oyegbola, was convicted of bank fraud in Boston in 1990 and served a year in prison. Oyegbola insists his Nigerian patent is legitimate and said he plans to file a copyright-infringement lawsuit against OLPC in an American court.

Curiouser and curiouser. Oyegbola should learn to set his sights a little higher. Suing an organization with only $8.7 million in the bank is hardly the path to untold riches. If you're going to compound bank fraud with apparently spurious lawsuits, go big. Take a page out of SCO's playbook.