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A CD player built to last 30 years?

Simaudio's Moon 600i 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier and Moon 750D 30th Anniversary CD Player come with 30-year warranties!

Simaudio's Moon 600i 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier and Moon 750D 30th Anniversary CD Player Simaudio

While most of today's consumer electronics goods are designed with limited life expectancies, high-end audio gear has always been built to last for decades. Sure, it's more expensive to buy the good stuff, but when you stop and consider how many years of enjoyment you'll get out of a pair of really great speakers (or electronics) the investment makes a lot of sense. So instead of buying and replacing gear over and over again, just buy something really nice, once.

My Samsung Blu-ray player conked out just before its second birthday, and the one before that was no better. That's the way it goes in the consumer electronics fast lane, but one of my best friends is still using a Linn LP12 turntable he bought more than 30 years ago!

Simaudio, based in Boucherville, Quebec, has been making great-sounding and distinctively styled high-end audio gear since 1980. Its 30th Anniversary models look gorgeous, decked out in hand-polished red paint, with chrome faceplates and accents. Inside parts quality, which is always excellent, has been improved with more finely tuned parts tolerances. Only 30 units of each model--the Moon 600i 30th Anniversary Integrated Amplifier ($14,000) and Moon 750D 30th Anniversary CD transport and Digital-To-Analog Converter ($18,000)--will be manufactured to celebrate Simaudio's 30th year in business. They come with 30-year warranties.

Granted, I'm not so sure new CDs will still be manufactured in 2041, but audiophiles with large collections will still be playing them. I have thousands of CDs, and I will be listening to them for the rest of my life. Same for LPs--I have lots of records I bought as a teenager that I still enjoy. The music you love is something you may want to have around for the rest of your life. What other things do you buy that you keep forever?