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70 inches, HD, waterproof, $55,000

When your yacht deserves only the very best.


Sanyo made headlines last week with a waterproof 52-inch LCD in full HD (note: we resisted saying it made a splash), but there are actually larger versions already on the market. Earlier this year, for example, we saw a water-resistant 57-inch HDTV from Aquavision, and now there's a model that dwarfs its competitors.

U.K.-based MarineAV is selling a 70-inch LCD that's "fully waterproof" and comes in full 1080p HD glory, as seen on Book of Joe. Not much is known about its original manufacturer, but its description says the TV uses a Samsung display panel. No matter what, the quality had better be superior for the price: 27,995 pounds, or just over $55,000.

OK, so that's a tad much. If you want a more affordable alternative (and what isn't?), you can always catch your shows on an underwater phone.