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3G iPhone rumours: Does he have a moustache?

We all love a good game of Guess Who, but us tech journalists seem to love playing Guess What WWDC Product even more. Here's our round-up of all the rumours

Spandex tights, decoder rings and a large supply of Red Bull are just a few of the ways that the Crave team is getting ready for this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. But why are we so excited? What could Jobsy possibly pluck from his pockets that will have us doing Power Ranger formations? Tech journalists have been playing Guess What iPhone for months now, and if the rumours are anything to go by, it's going to be the 3G iPhone.

We've scoured the Interwebs to bring you a roundup of what's being said, starting with the rumour that it's going to be cheaper and smaller. According to The Guardian, "those who sign up for a contract costing £75 a month will be offered the handset for no extra charge. Elsewhere, the gadget is likely to be subsidised to lower the price, which could drop from £269 to as little as £100". £75 a month! Cripes.

A cheaper iPhone is definitely a good thing, but what features is it going to have? Some blogs, such as CrunchGear, reckon it will boast a front-facing camera for video calling. Engadget seems convinced it won't have a front-facing camera, but will have GPS. Then there's the rumour that it might be thinner or fatter, offering more space for a larger battery.

So what do we think? We're almost certain it'll have 3G, and it's probably going to be slightly larger to accommodate a larger battery. After realising that Brits don't like paying for phones, O2 might well subsidise it and bring the price down, although we don't expect a simultaneous UK launch -- we're probably going to have to wait. But the truth is no one really knows what's going to be announced, so as always we're going to wait for Steve himself. We'll be following all the hoopla in San Francisco from 6pm tonight, so be sure to check back. -Andrew Lim