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3G iPhone in the flesh?

CrunchGear has some alleged photos of the phantom 3G iPhone, or iPhone 2, which is expected to debut June 9.

CrunchGear has a spread on what appears to be the new 3G iPhone. Matt Hickey wrote in CrunchGear:

It's thinner than the current model, for sure, with a more MacBook Air-like bezeling. It's got stereo speakers on the back and what appears to be the same screen as the current generation. But the real news here isn't the Exchange support, but the front facing camera for iChat AV.
According to CrunchGear the new iPhone will come in red, supporting the Product Red campaign.

More here from CrunchGear.

Stay tuned for CNET's Tom Krazit's live coverage from Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference and CEO Steve Jobs' unveiling of the iPhone that will be coveted by every current iPhone user.