10 must-see videos of the week

Video games that will creep you out, ghost-hunting tech, and Apple's big announcements.

Greetings CNET viewers! We've got another great lineup for you this week.

Halloween is just around the corner, and we suggest that this year you ditch the horror flicks, and instead get your scare on by playing one of the spooktacular video games listed in this week's Top 5 countdown. And ever wanted to go ghost hunting? Turns out, all you may need are a few gadgets from your local electronics store. CNET'S Sumi Das tags along with a professional ghost hunter and checks out the tech she uses to investigate the reportedly haunted Brookdale Lodge.

And don't think we forgot about this week's big reveals. Apple Byte is breaking down everything you need to know about this week's Apple event, including new iPads, Macs and OS X Maverick. Plus: We go in-depth with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, which went on sale earlier this week, and get the skinny Nokia's Lumia 1520, the first phone to take raw photos.

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