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Read 'Winds of Winter' right now

Your one-stop shop for every sample chapter GRRM has released for the next installment of his A Song of Ice & Fire books (yes, the ones "Game of Thrones" is based on).

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George R.R. Martin seems to both love and hate his fans. He probably hates that we're always asking when "The Winds of Winter" will *actually* come out, but he must love that we're so invested because he shares snippets of the book with us sometimes. (Or maybe he hates us and shares new chapters just to tease since he's not yet done with the book...hmm.)

In any case, today, the ma(e)ster dropped a new chapter, which if you've been following along, you kind of figured was coming before the book release. Why's that? Well, it turns out this chapter has been floating around for a bit; it was even read by GRRM at various conventions. Some people have even tried to help others out by recounting much of what was in the chapter.

But no more secondhand readings! Finally, book readers get to revel in Martin's far-superior book world instead of stringing ourselves along like addicts by watching "Game of Thrones." (Let's not even get into how weird this season is for book-readers who're still watching.)

Where noted, some chapters are available to read in the World of Ice & Fire app (it's free with in-app purchases and available on Android and iOS), and there are also links to the chapters that are available to read, watch or listen to online.

The official "for now" cover of the long-awaited novel.

Bantam Spectra


Released in December 2011, Theon Greyjoy's chapter takes place during the chronology of "A Dance With Dragons." (In the UK it's also available in "Book 2: After the Feast".) It has also been archived online and is available in the app.


GRRM has released two Arianne Martell of Dorne chapters. The first chapter appeared in January 2012, and was supposedly destined for the fifth book, "A Dance With Dragons," before being cut. It has been archived online and is available in the app.

Her second chapter is the newly released sample and can be read right now on Martin's homepage.


The Greyjoy's chapter is not available in the app, but a portion of it was read by GRRM at a convention in March 2012. Here's where you can listen to it. Also, a very nice Redditor once transcribed the excerpt.

Ser Barristan

First read at a convention in October 2013, it is also available as a preview chapter in "A Dance With Dragons" and in the app.


First read at Worldcon in August 2013, now available in the app.


This Arya chapter was originally intended to be a part of "A Feast for Crows" and has shifted between books before being slotted for "Winds of Winter." It has been archived online and is also available in the app.


Sansa's chapter was posted just over a year ago and is now available archived online and in the app.

There may very well be more rumored chapters floating around in the Interwebs (maybe a second Barristan chapter?!), but these are the released and confirmed chapters we know about right now.

And if you're interested in even more reading material, here are the rest of the Song of Ice & Fire books.