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How to record your workouts with 1 touch on your Android device

Working out is hard enough without jumping through a series of digital hoops to record your progress. The free CardioTrainer app has a widget that lets you get started with one touch. Here's how to use it.


Whether you're showing off to friends or earnestly trying to record every calorie burned, you may want to use your Android phone to record your workouts. It can be hard to keep it up, though, especially if your hands are sweaty or you're juggling water bottles and towels. The free CardioTrainer app and accompanying widget make life easier for Android users--here's how to start recording workouts with one click:

  1. Download and install the CardioTrainer app and the separate CardioTrainer Widget.
  2. Run CardioTrainer and set up the options to your liking. You can choose what and where to share, how to record various kinds of workouts, and more.
    Step 2: CardioTrainer settings.
    Step 2: CardioTrainer settings.
  3. From your main screen, long-press and select Widgets, then select "CardioTrainer (large)." You'll need a 1x2 space for the widget, as the small one doesn't offer one-touch recording.
    Step 3: CardioTrainer widget selection.
    Step 3: CardioTrainer widget selection.
  4. When you're ready to record a workout, just press the play icon on the right side of the widget. The autostart screen pops up and will begin recording your workout in a few seconds.
    Step 4: CardioTrainer workout recording.
    Step 4: CardioTrainer workout recording.

Please note that if you have a diverse range of workout types (like walking, rowing, lifting weights, and so on), CardioTrainer defaults to recording the last kind of workout it recorded. That does make it trickier for some, but until our phones are smart enough to read our minds, it'll have to do.

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