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How to place a group FaceTime call with MacOS Mojave

FaceTime all of your friends at once from your Mac.


Editor's note: Since publishing this story, Apple announced that the first release of MacOS Mojave and iOS 12 will not include Group FaceTime calls; they'll come in a later software update. Until then, this guide explains how the feature might work when it's eventually released. 

Like group FaceTime calls in iOS 12, video chatting with multiple people on a future release of MacOS, MacOS Mojave, will be possible, too. And unlike the cramped quarters of your iPhone, you'll have plenty of screen space to chat with up to 32 people. 

MacOS Mojave is currently in beta; the final version is expected to be released this fall. As with any beta software, the final release of MacOS Mojave (and iOS 12) could exclude features, like group FaceTime, so stay tuned for updates. 

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How to start group video calls with FaceTime

Launch the FaceTime app and then enter the names, emails or numbers of the people you want to call in the search box in the top left. Click the Video or Audio button to place your FaceTime call.

How to start group video calls with Messages

If you are on a group text, you can quickly take the endless back-and-forth texting and pop everyone into a group FaceTime call. Just click the Details button in the top right and then click the video or phone button to invite everyone in the group message thread to a group FaceTime call. Everyone on your text thread will receive a text to Join the FaceTime call.

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