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How to delete your Web accounts with

Some Web sites make it difficult to figure out how to delete your accounts. can save you time by providing direct links to the cancellation pages of numerous Internet sites.

Web companies don't want you to close out your accounts with them, which is understandable. If you leave, their revenue-earning potential decreases. Some companies make the process of deleting your account relatively easy, while others make it practically impossible or confusing.

If you've ever gotten lost following support links in search of the right page to delete your Web account, you might want to check out The new Web site is a directory of Web services with direct links to their cancellation pages. Web site
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For some sites, provides additional information on the cancellation process. For example, to delete your Steam account, you're told, "If you contact Steam support, they will most likely tell you just to not use the account. If your account has no games on it, it will be disabled after a while." also ranks the difficulty of closing out your account, which might be helpful to you if you don't already have an account, but are considering one.

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