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How to properly hang art, every single time

Tired of stressing over where or how to hang your wall art? Don't fret.

Hanging art on your walls can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you're even the tiniest bit of a perfectionist.

You don't want to litter the wall with holes trying to get it right. And you certainly don't want to leave a piece of art where it might be off-center or just doesn't look right.

Chances are, you've been doing it wrong all along. This neat trick from Apartment Therapy can help you hang wall art properly the first time...every time. The tip involves taping a piece of kraft paper the size of the frame to your wall, then hammering the nail into the paper before hanging the frame. You can watch the complete, super-helpful video, along with instructions on Apartment Therapy's website.

Apartment Therapy

All you'll need beyond the typical materials or tools is some craft paper and painter's tape. Just make sure the craft paper is larger than the frame for the artwork you plan to hang. You will also need a pair of scissors.