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Smart Home

Disguise your Amazon Echo with a case or skin

Maybe a matte-black speaker doesn't match your entertainment center or it sticks out like a sore thumb against the stainless-steel appliances in your kitchen. Skins are a great way to make your Amazon Echo blend in a little better around your home.

Taylor Martin/CNET

Amazon's original connected speaker, the Echo, has become the smart home accessory to have.

It has an ever growing list of third-party devices and services that it can interact with or control; it's pretty reliable and relatively natural to talk to; and when paired with IFTTT or Yonomi, it often removes the need for a smart hub and makes the simple commands or controls that much easier.

That said, it only comes in one style -- a matte-black finish which may not match the style of your home. Maybe you have stainless appliances in your kitchen or the large black speaker throws off the balance of your entertainment system. If so, you're not out of luck. There is a quick and affordable way to truly customize the appearance of your Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo skins

With smartphones, if you don't like the stock appearance of your phone, you can purchase a skin for your device for under $20. The same goes for the Echo, but the selection of skins is still a bit paltry.

One seller offers a selection of eight different skin colors to choose from, each priced at $8.99 (£6.22 GBP or AU$12.21, converted): silver (pictured), red, carbon fiber black, carbon fiber white, denim, gold, slate and wood. Another seller offers R2-D2 or TARDIS skins.

Taylor Martin/CNET

I have to say, the silver, which looks has a faux-brushed stainless appearance, actually classes the Echo up quite a bit.

The installation of the skin is surprisingly very easy. Lining it up to be perfectly straight will take a few tries, but I had no trouble with fully applying the skin, removing it to adjust the alignment and reapplying. Frustrating as it may be, it didn't seem to affect the adhesive in any way.

Without a doubt, the seams are the worst part of these skins. It's virtually impossible to align them perfectly. But, assuming you install the three pieces properly, you will only see the seam on the volume ring. The others will be hidden from view.

Other options

For whatever reason, there are also a few cases available for the Echo. A case seems better suited for the Amazon Tap, as most people won't be lugging their Echo around with them. But if you want a more premium appearance for your Echo, a thick leather travel case may be the way to go.

Or if you want something a bit more decorative, there is at least one enclosure for the Echo that closely resembles a candle holder and will blend your speaker into your white desk or kitchen.

Either way, the options for styling -- or disguising -- your Amazon Echo are only growing.