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Neato D3 Connected

Espro Press P5

Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Breville Barista Express

CM 6110 Benchtop Coffee Machine

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

FirstBuild Paragon Induction Cooktop

Omega J8226 Nutrition Center Juicer

Breville JE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

Here's a holiday gift for that person in your life who'd love to have an abode with immaculately clean floors but lacks the time to vacuum. The affordably priced AU$599 Neato D3 connected robot vacuum is built to automatically scour flooring and carpets for dirt, is programmable, connects to your home network, and can even be commanded via mobile app.

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Have a family member or friend who can't get enough French press? Don't buy them an ordinary press brewer when they would enjoy a modern device such as the AU$90 Espro Press P5 so much more. The PRess P5 uses a double mesh filter to strain out an exceptional amount of grit. You can also drop in paper filters for coffee with drip-like smoothness, and the P5 brews cold brew too. Plus it can whip up pots of tea using a special add-on.

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For serious java fans, cold brewed coffee is one of life's great pleasures. Unfortunately it can be messy to create if your tools aren't up to the task. Enter the cleverly designed AU$70 Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This kitchen gadget takes much of the pain out of the brewing process yet is inexpensive enough to be an excellent holiday gift.

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What better gift for your favorite espresso addict than our favorite home espresso machine, the AU$700 Breville Barista Express. Priced much lower than the majority of serious domestic semi-automatic espresso makers, this appliance consistently delivers delicious results yet is simple to use.

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Now this is a gift for someone truly worthy, or maybe it's a way to treat yourself. Yes, the AU$1,400 Benchtop Coffee Machine is quite opulent, but this fully automatic espresso machine can quickly brew multiple quality beverages at once. The drinks it creates -- either black or cafe favorites combined with steamed milk -- are consistently quite tasty, too.

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With a 21.5-inch touchscreen and grocery-tracking fridge cams built-into the door, Samsung's flagship AU$7,499 smart fridge is one of the coolest (and smartest) ever made. The gorgeous design doesn't hurt, either.

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A gourmet cooker you can clip onto the side of your own stock pot, the AU$259 Anova Precision Cooker also connects to your phone via Bluetooth and can be controlled from afar with Wi-Fi. Anova's app includes recipes to help you make the most of its sous vide style of cooking.

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Sous vide, fry, slow cook, or saute with the versatile First Build Paragon cooker. Combining an induction cooktop with a sous vide temperature probe, the $300 Paragon (around AU$390) is the perfect device for the family member who wants to try sous vide as it's relatively affordable and can do so much more.

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Sturdily constructed and a breeze to operate and clean, the AU$449 Omega J8226 Nutrition Center Juicer is the perfect appliance for hard core fresh juice fans. It offers excellent slow juicing performance, a minimum of moving parts, and sturdy construction.

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If a high-end slow juice machine is overkill, consider Breville's AU$99 Compact Juice Fountain. It offers solid performance for a centrifugal juicer, it's relatively small, and it has minimal parts to clean -- all of which are dishwasher safe.

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