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2 hours ago

Top 5 features the Google watch absolutely needs

Hugo Barra says bye to Xiaomi, hello again to Silicon Valley

Tom Brady and his gigantic coat are going to the Super Bowl

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Kindle Fire 10 HD

Kindle and Fire Tablets

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LG 65-Inch 'E6' OLED 4K TV

If you want the very best for the big game, the LG E6 is a sure bet and a win-win no matter what team you're rooting for.


VIZIO 75-Inch 'P' 4K TV

The P75 is outstanding in just about every way and gets you into a 75-inch for the price of a 65.


VIZIO 65-Inch 'P' 4K TV

No room or the budget for the 75-inch VIZIO? The P65 gives you all the goodness of the bigun at a nice price.


LG 65-Inch OLED 4K TV

CNET says it has the best picture quality of any TV we've ever tested and the B6 being the best value in the LG lineup.


VIZIO 65-Inch 'M' 4K TV

The M65 is a top-rated, big screen pick with great performance at a wallet-friendly price.


VIZIO 65-inch 'E' 4K TV

The E65 offers the best picture quality in its class, plus includes Google Cast. At under $900 for a 65-inch 4K TV, it's a no brainer.


Samsung 65-Inch 4K TV

The UN65KS8000 combines superb color, sleek styling and the best "bright room" picture performance in its class.

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11 hidden WhatsApp features

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