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Here's how we cracked the new Galaxy S8's glass back


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The Galaxy S8 takes a hit in our drop tests

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Xiro Xplorer V

The drone that anyone can fly with a high-quality cam for a drones-eye view of the world.

100% Lifetime Guarantee

Zap-It! Electronic Swatter

A single swing kills insects and bugs instantly with its powerful 2000-volt grid. USB rechargeable plus a LED night-light.


AUKEY 20000mAh Powerbank

High-power, portable battery with Lightning and dual-USB ports charges all your devices quickly and safely.

Motion Activated

Orbit "Yard Enforcer"

35-foot adjustable impact sprinkler with day / night detection options and 30 minute timed watering setting.


TPO Mobile: 50% Off + FREE SIM

Switch to TPO Mobile and get 50% off on selected 4G LTE plans. Like 1GB, Unlimited Talk & Text!



Bright, solar-powered, waterproof outdoor lights with motion-activated switch for your patio, yard or deck.


Black & Decker Mower

Powerful, corded, 15-inch electric mower has a low-profile design that makes it easy to maneuver and ideal for smaller yards.


Etekcity Outlet Switches

Remote-controlled outlets for easy on / off. Kit includes 5 outlet receivers and 2 transmitters with 100-foot range.

Combo 30-Pack

Stomp Rocket

Run, jump and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 200 feet in the air! Plus 4 hand-squeeze bulbs and 20 mini rockets.


Bose SoundLink Mini II

It fits in the palm of your hand, but delivers big sound with deep lows and clear, dynamic mids and highs.


GAME GOLF Live Tracker

Eliminates the guesswork by tracking and recording your stats in real-time, on your iOS or Android smartphone.

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Welcome to CNET@Work and the future of your business

Samsung Galaxy S8: The best tips, tricks and hidden features

You can now use any Alexa skill without enabling it first

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Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Bixby pix: Come and get 'em