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First Look: Zelco Outi earphones

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First Look: Zelco Outi earphones

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The Zelco Outi earphones are best suited for early adopter types who have cash to spare and desire a little extra zing with their music.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hi, I'm Jasmine France, Senior associate editor for CNET.com and I'm here today with the Zelco Outi Earphones. Now, there are a couple of the unusual things about these earphones. First of all they actually clip-on to the outside of your ear, hence the name Outi and their speaker does carry that play audio and it kind of revolves into your ear. The other very interesting thing about these earphones is that they actually vibrate to the music. So they're meant to kind of make you feel the music, as well as hear it and it's a very, very odd sensation that's definitely a trip to wear these things while your music is playing. It's also an acquired taste. It does take some getting used to. There was a couple of negative things about it and that's the vibration actually you can hear it, which is -- isn't the most pleasant sounding thing. Also, it doesn't completely vibrate your whole body. It just kind of vibrating around your ears and neck and that can provoke giggling in anyone who's ticklish like me. They're not inexpensive earbuds. They'll cost you $110. So this is definitely for the early adaptor who wants like a little more zing with their music. They come in with this little modular here, which you can clip on to your self and there's a button for adjusting the vibration. But again, it's an acquired taste. If you wanna check them out, I definitely suggest giving them a try first. I'm Jasmine France and this is the new Zelco Outi earphones. ^M00:01:12 [ Music ]

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