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Crave: Your face, printed on a latte, Ep. 126

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Crave: Your face, printed on a latte, Ep. 126

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Let's Cafe prints images on the top of coffee, turning your cup of joe a whole new visual experience. Plus, we help lazy dog owners play with their dogs without getting their hands dirty and try on the amazing Tetris LED tie. All that and a little more on this week's Crave.

They -- Stephen -- time for another episode. -- I badge is a kick starter project for leave the dock and you -- -- -- -- and I'll do just in case. It's an automatic ball launcher that can launch a -- tennis -- ten to twenty or thirty feet. Once a dog is trained to use the high -- you can fit balls to lets heart's content. In the -- the dog owner doesn't have to get -- drool on the delicate hand. I fetch can be plugged into a wall power outlet for use outside with Saturday. For 75 dollar pledge and kick -- you can get your pooch and eye effects can be -- drool hurried. The flip side is a solar powered iPhone case that doubles as a Bluetooth game controller the flip side was introduced some kick starter last December but the funding was canceled by the creator before it can reach its goal. Well now it's back on -- go go with the -- design which includes larger gain control pad. In a larger solar cell for recharging the case which boasts a battery life of ten years. That's right it's -- ten years. It also has IOS seven -- some new investors who have helped to shrink the kick starter goal from the previous 135000. Dollars. -- only 40000 dollars currently. The retail price for the case will be 99 dollars and early doctors can -- one -- sixty dollars. A recent Harvard study found that people use larger screens are more assertive than those who use devices with smaller screens. 75 participants were asked to complete tasks using Apple devices with different screen sizes. -- -- Once the tasks were complete the researcher told the participants. Will be back in five minutes to -- you and they pay you so they can leave. If I'm not here please come and get me at the front desk. The researchers then waited up to ten minutes to return. Participants who'd been using smaller devices took longer to go fetch the researcher than those using larger devices. The researchers traced this correlation to the body posture people adopt when using devices. Smartphone and tablet users tend hunched over on their devices can track their bodies. Desktop users tend have a more open posture making them more assertive power. Teacher hacker and maker bill Porter set out to impress 108 graders by producing this awesome tetris LEV -- The -- uses eighty LED pixels powered by did you sparked media control. The -- cost about fifty dollars and took only four hours to create a working prototype. The tetris blocks are programmed to -- randomly reporters planning on making the type playable using a Bluetooth Smart phone connection. Check out some -- -- porter's other creations like the LED lab coat that dual Porter dot info. And coffeehouse in Taiwan called let's cafe has created the -- tape printer. Which can print a photo realistic image on top of a cup of coffee. Customers can snap a -- -- -- their Smartphone. Uploaded into the -- printer and a few minutes later they have a hot cup of coffee with their -- printed on the top in cocoa. Text can be added to personalize the image in the coffee art can then be shared on social media this is gonna -- Starbucks but -- I guess things are watching as always defied all the easiest -- CNET. -- plug it -- on cnet.com and every week we give something away if so here it is. Crave is giving away the whole -- doing yourself robot kit from -- -- You -- build your own robots go to the blog and entered a list.
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