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XCAR: XCAR Awards 2013 - Best Looking Car

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XCAR: XCAR Awards 2013 - Best Looking Car

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Choosing the best looking car was a hotly debated source of contention in the XCAR office, and we had no shortage of cars to choose from. Here Alex talks through the ones that really stand out.

What's the best looking cult we've driven he would really doesn't much and knowing that there's no -- anything else. We get -- -- and going who pre taped quantum -- The Broken -- can -- looks like a car designed in the 1950s -- is for sale in 2013. It's a modern take on a classic shape and we apps and then you don't -- BMW's finally seven is one of the -- cause -- BMW has ever made nook hesitates just just look at -- Keeping -- Libyans of anything the -- Warren is a big lump of seventy super occult force in this yes it is a -- -- -- in person. It's -- -- which. That they're gonna require is one of the most visually arresting cause we've had the privilege machine sitting. Is comparative subtlety gives it a grownup but beautiful look. -- -- that it can it with both the GT -- the GT forty won a modern take on the other is only Tony conveyer. The designers of -- really didn't know this stuff. And he's already may have been around for awhile but it's recent refresh latest -- -- even roll the V ten plus well. It's a proper look at peace but actually in that boom. Speaking of new -- bit better than those things yes is a wonderfully angry take on -- -- usual -- It's dainty windy and or round aggressive. We know. -- has -- pornography the -- -- -- CX 75. And we're gonna say anything a -- to -- I'm just gonna tension look at it finally the BAC monitor congress kind of -- -- is co -- all a storm troopers who run Iran. It's -- pretty much anything we've ever seen on the road. And the winner is. Bill Morgan and -- pay a controversial decision I know but -- -- -- of the team full -- future retro look is also got the biggest reaction on the road we've ever had. People slow to take photos of on the motorway funds came out in town and pretty much everyone's -- -- wanted to take a closer look. It's a thing of beauty and a well deserved winner. Do you agree with what we've said is the -- -- -- who pay the best looking can't we've driven. This year if you agree or even if you disagree and have another suggestion. Lets us know in the comments below.

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