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Mailbag: Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Fanboy edition

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Mailbag: Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Fanboy edition

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This week, Sony and Apple fanboys go on the attack, and Molly goes on the attack right back.

Hello, everyone! I?m Molly Wood and welcome to the CNET Mailbag, the show where we answer ALL your questions, even the really mad ones about Prizefights. And speaking of which, let?s get right into it. Not surprisingly, fans of the PlayStation 3 were not happy when it recently lost its Prizefight against the Xbox 360. Here are some of your responses ? but FYI, I left out all the ones with lots of swearing. Wow. People get mad. William from New York write: Just finished the prizefight between 360 and PS3...the last category ( bang for the buck ) should have been for the PS3. For $100 you get wifi, Bluetooth, Blu-ray, free Internet access. The blu-ray alone is worth well over $100, I'm a Brian Tong fan but stop rigging the fights!!! Nick says: Just in regards to your 360 vs PS3 video, it's nice to know where microsofts money is going, straight into YOUR pockets. ? You guys really have to quit with this rubbish bias and hatred that the US media seem to WANT to have for the PS3. And Paul wrote quite a long analysis, breaking down the Prizefight?s flaws by category, ending with this: Sorry to say, but this Prizefight stinks of bias. The PS3 is newer and better hardware with a price that's appropriate for what you get. If you researched at all how much it costs to produce the respected products compared to what you get you would clearly see this. Why is it always about bias with you guys? Do you really think Microsoft pays us off? REALLY? They don?t. Believe me. Also, I?m not trying to start this up all over again, but it?s pretty obvious that the PS3 is too expensive, because Sony isn?t selling any, and everyone?s pretty sure they?re finally going to drop the price by 100 bucks because they?re now desperate. I?m just saying. Ok, in other PrizeFight email, Mike says: In the newest prize fight - Klipsch vs Shure, did Jasmine, Donald and Brian tried on the earphones? If they all did, it is fairly unhygenic, especially when they were in-ear headphones. .. I like Donald and Jasmine's reviews, therefore I really hope their ears are fine after sharing millions of bacteria with each other. Mike? I heard that Prizefight was like a visit to Madame Toussaud?s ? wax EVERYWHERE. Ok, here?s some more fanboy mail! Jack says: I am really really really curious and upset that why there is a power core connected to the Macbook Pro in video of Wilson Tang showing how to make widgets live on desktop. I always believe and proud that Apple notebook is one of the best computer with longest battery life. So, what was the power core for? Does this recording process take more than 3-4 hours to get all the juice of the Macbook Pro?... Please please please watch this for the next videos. Apple fans are not happy to see this again. Seriously? You can?t stand to see a plugged-in MacBook Pro, because that suggests the possibility that the ? battery life might not be more awesome than any other computer? Really? Dude. You fanboys gotta toughen up. And Joel writes: Why did you be little Apple Hi molly I'm mad I just watched the buzz report my favorite show It was going good then it happen u did a story about phone makers agreeing to change to a universal charger by 2010 then u lose it and say apple are the only ones against change. Exuse me molly ur wrong the iPod is the device of the century and apple has not changed the charger since and that's after 2 iPhones and 2 ipod touches u know how much times I lost, broke, forget my charger and I was always able to to get another from my old iPods to friends even at resturants were my phone was low on battery let's see another phone or device do that. Well, Joel. Apple didn?t actually introduce the dock connector until the third generation iPod. First, they went through FireWire, then dumped that and switched to USB, then dumped that and went to the dock. And sure, a lot of accessories use the dock, but some of them only work with older iPods. Like how the REALLY EXPENSIVE KIT in my CAR doesn?t recognize my iPhone, even though it?s the ?standard? dock connector. So it?s not like they?re SO married to the dock standard. And let?s not even get into their forced marches and eventual abandonment of FireWire and DVI, or the all- new mini-Display port, ok? Ok. Ooh, I am mad today. And finally, just one more thing you were mad about. aj says: Haven?t finished watching the buzz report episode for Feb 19 because I?m sitting through a 60+ second commercial for Verizon? What? That crap is what is really clogging the tubes? what is with that? Yeah. I am also NOT happy about that. And I have no impassioned defense of it. It was totally a technological screwup and we would NEVER purposely subject you to 60-second ads. I am very sorry. And mad about all my lost streams. And on that note, let?s end this angry, angry Mailbag. Please do keep sending your mail, I?ll try not to yell at you so much next time. Mailbag@cnet.com, or send your snail mail to 235 2nd St., San Francisco, CA, 94105. Thanks for watching, everyone.

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