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Apple Byte: WWDC hints at the next iPhone, iWatch, and Apple TV

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Apple Byte: WWDC hints at the next iPhone, iWatch, and Apple TV

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It's our reactions to the aftermath of WWDC 14. We'll talk about all the stuff Apple didn't focus on that points directly to the new iPhone, iWatch and Apple TV.

[MUSIC] What's shaking and baking? Brian Tong here, and welcome to the applebyte, for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. And this week there is plenty to talk about. Now Apple announced a whole bunch of OS10and iOS8 goodies at wwdc14. I was honestly surprised that we didn't see a single piece of hardware. Not one piece. But, even without any hardware, I loved what I saw with the continuity between operating systems and this is really going to benefit people in Apple's ecosystem. So instead of talking about every single feature and every detail, I'll just break down the things that stuck out in my mind, some of the cool nuggets we saw and the things that will set up the hardware we're hoping to see in the next few months. Alright, first up OS 10 will be called Yosemite. The new redesigned looks absolutely clean and real sassy and I love the fresh coat of paint, in fact. Craig Federighi and his perfect wavy hair let us know how gorgeous it is with the buzzword of the keynote. Translucent material. Translucent. Translucency. And yes, even the trash can is translucent. And check out that trash can. [LAUGH] That is a gorgeous trash can. You wouldn't believe how much time we spent crafting a trash can. Now, I'm also digging Hand Off for pure Apple users that will allow you to finish what you're working on from your Mac to your tablet, or your phone to your Mac. And how it deals with messages and even accepting phone calls from your phone to your Mac. Federighi made time to call up Dr. Dre. Hello. Wow. Hey, it's Craig Federighi here. Hey how are you doing, this is Trey. But he hung up on his mom during the keynote. But this is not the right time. I know you'd all love to hear from mom, but gonna scre-, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. She's a wonderful, wonderful woman but this is. This is my space. What a jerk. Now, Yosemite will be available for free for everyone in the fall, but if you wanna get it early, Apple is opening up the summer beta program to access a preview for everyone. What a second. I can do it? That's right Nick, even you. Alright, I'm even more excited for Iowa State, because Apple is really showing a shift in their ideology, allowing third party keyboards, like Swype, to be installed on Apple hardware, is a first for the company and it's something they would have never done before. Now, they're also finally opening up Touch ID to be used with third party apps. I'm a big fan of it. And this is another shift we haven't seen where Apple typically likes to keep sorta things to their own app. But we've been wanting this from day one. And like I said over and over on this show, the next place Apple could really be a leader in. And really make a difference, is with our phones acting like a true digital wallet, and we're getting there. Apple has even updated its app store guidelines, and will now allow approved currencies, paving the way for new types of currencies like BitCoin to be traded and maintained in iOS devices. Their iCloud Drive is their answer to Dropboxes, can be used with both Macs and PCs. Apple also only spent about a minute and a half on their new app called Health and Health Kit for developers, that allows your health and fitness data to be kept in one place. And they also did the same with home kit, to control home devices and appliances. Just a little teaser but what they don't focus on, tends to be a bigger sign of what's coming. [MUSIC] I even did a poll from my Twitter account, asking you, the Apple biters, which one excites you more. And home kit has the edge. But, really, I think health might have a greater potential in the long run. So, we know we saw no new hardware. Not even a Mac Book Pro speed bump. But we did see a lot of things that point to gadgets like the rumored iPhone 6, and the iWatch. [MUSIC] So, what didn't Apple show you? Well, with the release of X Code 6, developers have found an option within X Code to size apps for devices referred to as resizable iPhone, and resizable iPad. The exact resolutions for the new hardware is unknown at the time. But this tool would allow for developers to quickly adopt their apps to them. And it hasn't been found in previous versions of X Code. There is also no iWatch at WWDC. But a wristband that tracks and shares data with health. Is a no brainer. Even with home kit and reference series voice control. Being able to do that from your wrist would be easy. And also, Handoff is now allowing different screens to handle the same data. And the new tap to talk audio messaging feature and messages can be useful not only on a phone but on a wrist. Where it gives you more of this walkie-talkie type interaction instead of having a full conversation with your wrist. And during that Devils for Messages we also saw the first ever duck face selfie by Greg Jones. We have to add a keynote in. Guys, it was a freaking duck face selfie. And you know what, that gets [MUSIC] Three, count them. One, Two, Three bad apples. That was just terrible. And the dark horse that I wanted to see, the Apple TV, made no appearance whatsoever, but something else did that got me interested. It's apples metal technology, that's said to maximize gaming performance on the A7 chip, to bring console level graphics on an iPhone or an iPad. Like this Zen garden demo. Now, we saw what it's capable of but constant level graphics deserve a bigger screen and sure it will help with mobile devices but the Apple T.V. also runs on iOS and I'm not saying it's going to rival a PS4 or and Xbox one but. Something tells me this is going to play key role with the Apple tv as well. Alright now we could have made this show go on twice as long but we want to know what did you think about wwdc14? I loved what I saw, I didn't even care about the lack of hardware compared to what Apple showed us knowing there is more to come. But this conference is all about the developers and we're gonna reap the benefits from all the amazing things they have done. So are you excited with what's happening in the software space or were you let down by the lack of hardware. Let me know by sending an email to theapplebyte@cnet.com or just tweet me @briantong and I'll read some of your responses next week. Oh, and just to wrap up one more observation from the key note. I was only able to identify three women in the crowd. Only three during the whole key note. So, if you're a single lady and you're watching right now. Sign up for WWDC next year. Alright, that's gonna do it for this weeks show. I'm Brian Tong and we'll catch you guys next time for another bite of the apple. [MUSIC]

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