Inside Scoop: Windows Phone summit
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Inside Scoop: Windows Phone summit

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CNET's Josh Lowensohn sits down with Sumi Das to talk about the > unveiling of the new Windows 8 phone and what it will take for > Microsoft to compete with the all-powerful Android and iOS platforms.

Hello I'm -- dust would be is Josh -- and staff writer for CNET. He was at the Windows Phone developer summit today -- -- -- -- what was seen moves like at the event. It was an excitement from developers it was their first chance to see Windows Phone eight which is coming out later this year. Or Microsoft if they was -- preview of -- OS. But mostly to back and features of the Gannett. I used to build their apps. To win this announcement. Is Windows Phone eight and more formidable threat to Android and violence. That is what Microsoft hopes and not specifically -- -- things they did today. Address some shortcomings came out against things like Apple's IOS and so they know they've been lagging behind. They do that they're also trying to kind of come matter with. The approach that they can build this into the bigger part of their ecosystem and that's a big advantage of course are huge on desktop of windows they're trying to take that same approach. I'm building a giant ecosystem. So that common core between windows eight and Windows Phone eight. Is great news for developers I would imagine the people of the attendees at the summit has been pleased but. Is that a reality and what will it mean really -- not. In reality yet what developers can taste just look how they're not actually get the software just yet. But will let them do is take something like and a application that it felt on the phone and bringing over to the desktop. And vice Versa so if you have a popular game on the phone. -- you can may -- -- in windows and makes more money with a larger pool of users. And now Microsoft has really hoping that's gonna get us a more developers to come over from the desktop side to. Rate is if you don't have the apps available if you're not gonna attract users -- -- kind of chicken -- ultimately is yet and it's been like that since the beginning so this is kind of -- -- -- strategy get a bigger foothold. Maybe appeal to the gamers and yeah so what can windows -- do better than the competition. So the key thing that Microsoft is doing right now its customizations to the new home screen is a little bit wider you can have more titles. And what they're pitching -- this whole idea of making a phone yours. That's -- if you were being in -- photography you can have more pictures you've taken on the front of photo apps. It's really just more customizable and anything short of Android. All right Josh -- thinks so much. And -- meet -- for CNET thanks for watching.

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