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CNET News Video: Windows Phone shows it's got game

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CNET News Video: Windows Phone shows it's got game

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In an interview, Microsoft's Kevin Unangst shows CNET's Ina Fried several of the dozens of games coming to Windows Phone 7 later this year.

-I'm Ina Fried with CNET, I'm here with Kevin Unangst who is a senior director in Microsoft's game unit. One of the things that Windows phone is trying to put a big focus on is the games that you can play on it, not just the sort of casual style games but this being one of the first devices that brings over Xbox Live. You, earlier this week, you guys announced a series of about 60 games that are gonna be Xbox Live games that are gonna be available at launch. -So we're gonna have games across a number of different genres from games that are hits on the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade, extensions of franchises that people know and love on the Xbox, all the way to casual games and puzzle games and games that everybody likes to play. The first one I wanna give you a look at is something called Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst. This is a game that's-- it's a tower defense game set in the Crackdown 2 universe so anyone who's a Crackdown fan will recognize the sounds and the locations and the characters. In this case, we're actually playing-- your job is to set up these turrets and weapons to defend against these freaks that are attacking the city. It's an extension of that game universe itself and that a unique game optimized and designed specifically for mobile but set in the universe of Crackdown and in this case, it's optimized for touch so it's very simple for us to manipulate the map. In the Crackdown 2 console game, you're trying to fight off the freaks from the city. In this case, you're still fighting freaks but you're actually doing it using some unique integration features we have on the phone. We're using Bing maps and actually bringing in maps. In this case, this is the Cologne Convention Center but you could be fighting them off of-- -You can be defending your house-- -Over a bridge-- Yeah, your neighborhood, you know, back in Seattle, the Space Needle, and you just set up turrets, you set up all these weapons, and we actually looked. The integration is really unique in that we can tell where the streets are on Bing maps and so they actually-- it's not like they're just running across the picture, this is actually a live map that you're fighting on. Again, this could be your road in front of your house that you're defending, but it's all set in the Crackdown 2 universe and because its Xbox Live, you're getting Xbox Live achievements and leaderboards and all the things you would expect. So we're bringing over the Halo Waypoint experience which is a console-- was until now exclusively a console experience which is a destination for Halo fans to get the insider information, game videos, see what their friends are doing in Halo, communicate with their friends in the Halo universe, and we're gonna bring that experience specifically and only to Windows phone. We're also bringing over hits from Xbox Live Arcade, great games like Rocket Riot, and doing them in a way that actually really shows off the capabilities of the phone itself so the Xbox Live Arcade version was a big hit. It's this really cool retro kind of graphics style but where you would use a controller on the console version, in this case we use a touchscreen in really good ways. -Now, for some of our viewers, they may not know what that is. It might look a little frightening. That's what's known as a cassette tape, right? Where it actually held MP3 songs. -Yeah. So in this case I'll skip the little load screen there. It's just I had ten enemies to go destroy, and in this case-- -Maybe I'll have-- -Yeah, it'll be great if you can hear. -So, I move by moving my left hand around, that moves the guy into shoot. I use my right finger and kind of trace where I wanna go so I have ten enemies that I needed to shoot. -Touch control is really intuitive. You simply point with your left, you know, finger in the direction you wanna go and then trace the lines of where you'd like to shoot. But you see, they're really fun art style, really high action. It shows off the graphics capabilities of the platform. You see it's running perfectly, very smooth and this is just an example of the kind of games you're gonna be able to play and the fidelity you get to play them with on-- -This is an LG phone that some of our viewers may not have seen before. This, I believe, it has a slideout keyboard, is that right? -Yeah. Absolutely. -Some of the Windows phones will have a keyboard somewhat. They're all gonna have this capacitive touchscreen so that's kind of what gamers can count on, but if the keyboard's there, they can also use the keyboard, is that right? -Yeah, there's a certain-- there's a fixed set of hardware that every Windows phone 7 is gonna have and that's great for game developers 'cause they can count on consistent platform, but, yeah, it also, some phones will have keyboards, some phones won't as long as the developer implements support for a keyboard.

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