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Apple Byte: Will the iPhone 5 come to WWDC 2011?

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Apple Byte: Will the iPhone 5 come to WWDC 2011?

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Apple announces WWDC in June, but will its iOS and Mac OS X focus mean an iPhone 5 delay? Microsoft isn't so sure about the future of tablets and if you want to get a girl, use an iPad.

-Hey, what are you playing? -Well, hello, Shadow Guardian. I'm a level 14 thanks to the forums. -Cool. -Cool, man. Hey, do you wanna go grab some lunch? -Lunch? With you guys? Man, I've been waiting for this for like 2 years. Seriously, let's all get out. Yeah? Wait? What? What's the problem? -April Fools'. -April Fools'. -What? -Sucker. -Falls for it every time. -You guys really think I didn't know it was April Fools' Day? Please. I knew what Jamie and RL were up to the whole time and, yeah, hurt my feelings. Alright. Let's get to the show, guys. I'm Brian Tong and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. We have plenty of stories to cheer me up so let's get to the show. Now, in the big news of the week, Apple officially announced that the World Wide Developers Conference will be held June 6th to the 10th in San Francisco and it will focus on the future of iOS and Mac OS X. The event sold out in hours and if you want a ticket, they've been spotted on eBay selling as high as $2500. That's a thousand dollar markup that could be used for other important things like 2 iPads, a thousand hamburgers, or a red velour robe. Yeah. But it also lends credibility to the rumors from TechCrunch and others that Apple will be waiting until the fall of 2011 to launch the next iOS for the iDevices which then signals a change in the product cycle for the next iPhone 5 to also be released in fall and not around June. Now, the big A will not launch these two products separately, they just won't do it so it looks like some of you will have to wait a little longer. Now, this could allow competitors to scoop up some market share with 4G-based phones, but what might we see from a delayed iPhone 5 now? Here's the latest updates from the iPhone 5 Watch. Now with the delay, LTE 4G might be a part of the next iPhone and if it isn't, it would be another full year before Apple has a 4G phone and I'll seriously have to consider getting that HTC Thunderbolt. Juicy. Now, rumored features in iOS 5 include a cloud-based iTunes locker, something that Amazon just recently launched, plus an upgrade with voice command capabilities that will leverage their acquisition of Siri and improve mapping features, two areas that Android absolutely destroys Apple in their mobile OS. We also mentioned the release of Amazon's cloud player and it works flawlessly on web browsers and Android phones but not on iOS devices, so, we'll show you a little tip to get your music stored on the Amazon Cloud to play on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Amazon's Cloud Drive and Player gives you 5 gigs of storage space to upload music from your own hard drive or purchase tracks from Amazon's MP3 store to be played anywhere. Buy an album and they bump that up to 20 gigs, but you can't seamlessly play the tracks on iOS devices yet. If you pull up the Cloud Player page, you'll see the player, select the song and press play, it won't play, but there's a workaround. Once you've selected a track, press on the box with the triangle pointing down and a popup box will give you the option to download. Press on that and it will open up the song directly in the media player for you. Now, I know it's not a perfect answer to use the Cloud Player and its features, but it's the only way right now. Back to you in the studio, little dumpling. Okay. Thanks. Now, in other Apple news, some tech leaders aren't completely sold on the concept of the tablet. Microsoft's global chief research and strategy officer, Craig Mundie, said he's not sure whether tablets will remain with us or not. He says, "I think there's an important distinction and frankly one we didn't jump on at Microsoft fast enough between mobile and portable. Mobile is something that you wanna use while you're moving and portable is something that you move and then use. Personally, I don't know whether that space will be a persistent one or not." I'm sorry, Microsoft, but you had your chance to do it. You're still planning on making a tablet and if you're still not sold, maybe you shouldn't because that date for your tablet OS is 2012. Just a little bit behind. Now, in cool news coming from Patently Apple, we've seen iOS and Mac OS X evolving in the products that borrow features from each other and another patent shows that Apple is planning to bring Spaces to the iPad. It makes perfect sense and it's something many users have wanted but it's good to see some actual evidence that they have been thinking and working on this. Now, in other patents, there were plenty of phones with 3D picture taking capabilities at CTIA 2011 and Apple is also thinking 3D, too. Apple's exploring a multi-camera iPhone system for taking 3D pictures and videos. The Nintendo 3DS already does this with low-res cameras but does not do video. It's clear from this and other patents, Apple has the 3D craze on their mind and I just hope it goes away like that hypercolor shirt thing because it can get warm in special places. Alright, on to the Quick Bytes. Apple's issued a software update to address system hanging on the 2011 MacBook Airs that we talked about and on behalf of the Apple Byters, we say thank you. Now, the big A has also released the second developer preview of Mac OS X Lion out into the wild so all you developers can get out on that and build apps that can really roar...on Lion. There were also rumors that Research In Motion was planning to release their popular BBM messaging app on iOS devices, but Blackberry makers shut it down saying it's not coming in anytime soon, if at all. Translation--don't wait for it. And you guys, check this out. If you want more than 720p video output to your TV wirelessly from your iPad 2, talk to these guys. They developed a full 1080p video mirroring add-on for the iPad 2 and, sure, it's a little bulkier, okay, a lot bulkier and, sure, it adds 2 pounds of weight, but this is great DIY stuff and I hope these guys can make some money for their iPad 2 Pounds. And finally, we couldn't turn down a story of love and romance. Jordan C wrote to 9 to 5 Mac to tell a story, he purchased an iPad 2 and had it engraved with the magical line, "Will you marry me?" He then took his girlfriend to the National Redwood Forest in Northern California, got down on one knee with the iPad 2 and proposed. She said yes. Moral of the story guys, you might get someone to say yes but they'll only love you for your iPad until she tears your beating heart out from your chest, cheats on you with some other sucker named Mitch in accounting with the iPad 2 and the whole time, you had no damn idea. I miss you. Alright. That's gonna do it for this week's show. Send me your e-mails to the Apple Byte at CNET.com and ask away. Thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next week for another Byte of the Apple.

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