Always On: Will the HTC One turn on after a tough torture test?
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Always On: Will the HTC One turn on after a tough torture test?

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Find out how the HTC One performs after getting dipped, grilled and dropped in an Always On extreme torture test.

-The HTC One baking in the sun, such a nice phone. -It's lovely out. We're enjoying a nice couple of beverages. -Like a little rest, a little rest here in the midst of our long journey, maybe taking some photos, looking at things. -Yeah. -Yeah. -You know, the thing about these beverages, though, they have very wide open tops. -They do because they are double. -Double. I think they're illegal in New York actually. -I think so, yeah. So we've got them filled with energy drink from our super long road trip here. We are exhausted. -Yeah. -And then, you know, I mean, here you are in the middle of a torture test. Really anything can happen. -Anything can happen. -Do you think like-- -That's a big phone, but that's a big opening right there. -Well, it's just very slippery. -It is. -Three, two, one. Oh. -Oh, no! -What do we-- -Oh, no. -What do we-- Where do we get-- I'll get a-- what? -If only I had some-- Oh, I do. -Fish it out. Fish it out. -Get it out there. -Oh no. -That is why I just waited until Jeff did it. -It's still on. -It's still on. Okay. It's-- -It's dripping. -Yes, it's dripping. -All right. We're drying. -Poor darling. -It smells like orange. -It looks-- -It's on. -It's on. -It's still on. For some reason, it's playing a video. -It's playing a video. Let's see if we can get it to power off. Power off. Oh, no. -Nothing happening? -Oh, I can see like-- I can see the water seeping in the water. -Oh, he's still wet. Look at this little drip coming out. -Oh, poor little thing. I can't get it to turn off. -It's leaking. -I don't know if it was me or of its own volition, but it is now shut down. -Poor HTC One. All right. We're rolling down the street. We got the HTC One. We got the open window. Unfortunately, sometimes you try to lean out the window, you try to take some pictures, but when the window is open and this happens. Three, two, one. -Oh. -You know, [unk] frisbee toss. I wasn't-- It wasn't what I was hoping for. I should've given it a twist. I should've given it a twist. -That did not sound good. We definitely have some scratching and denting. It looks a little bit like buckshot on the back here. What if I can get old Jeff to hit his mark? Try it again. -Say goodbye. Going out the window. -Yeah. Nice. Now, we're talking. Oh, I see damage. Oh, it might've just been the card slot. They're like dramatic reveal. No screen crackage. Our SIM card slot popped out a little bit. We got a nice big dent right here where you chucked it right on the corner, but this thing is looking remarkably intact. That is one tough phone. I'm gonna call the drop test a pass and we're gonna find out if it could take the heat, like kind of like a lot of heat. -Nothing says road test like a barbecue. -That's right. -And nothing says barbecue like safety goggles and safety mask. -For once, we're going safety gear 'cause here's the theory. We think, with the metal back, the HTC One would get very hot if you left it in the car, on a sunny day, or you left it outside for a long time. We're gonna put it on the top row. -Safety first. -Safety first, everyone. -All right, HTC One. -We've been told that lithium ion can become combustible at about 200-- 300 degrees. -We'll see if HTC stands for heat test compliant. -We're just gonna leave this on and let this guy cook for just like, well maybe like a minute or two. -Are we putting the lid down or leaving it up? -No. I don't think we need to put the lid down. You think? -I don't know. -All right. It's been like a good two to three minutes. I think we're gonna get grill marks on the phone. -Yeah, I love how you like, "Just get the phone off there, man." -I was starting to freak out like it's making me a little nervous. All right. I'm gonna get it off of there. -All right. -We're just gonna like basically put it on the ground. -Well. -Oh. -There's no marks. -Yes. It does seem kind of wimpy now that you mentioned it. Let's put it here. Why not? -I could just put it here. Let me try-- Let me try something. -Yeah, put it sideways. -Yeah. -Careful. You're close to the top there. Oh, there we go. I'm dropping it on my foot if it's blazing hot. Oh, we got a-- we got some grill marks now. It is 215 degrees-- -215 degrees. -on the outside of that phone. Don't touch it. See. What I saw like a boing. That is just like a boing. When I looked at it,-- -It's not-- -I'm really not seeing much damage at all. -No. I mean I'm sure the electronics inside aren't very happy right now. -Yeah, probably not. So what we're gonna do is take this back, dry it out, see if it can come back on-- -Yes. -in a couple of days, but I have to say, so far, I'm really pretty impressed with how-- Oh, look, hear the-- -Oh, is it warping? -It's coming away a little bit. -Okay. -It's warping a little bit. I think 'cause it was already cracked there. -Yeah. -But you know-- -I think that's the drop test. -I would-- Frankly, I would've expected more like an explosion. -I'm surprised. -I'm a little letdown. -I'm surprised the screen is all right. -I know. All right. Good job, HTC One. -Very good job. -We'll check on you in a couple of days. It's been about a week since our RV road trip and the HTC One has been drying out in rice that whole time because I wanted it to get the best possible chance of survival. Come out now little dude. Still has some barbecue marks on it. Got this genius little power brick here. I'm sorry to report that we warped the plastic around the actual mini/micro-USB port. I might have to do a little surgery before I can plug it in. There. I got it. I made it work. Power. Wait. Oh, my God, you guys. It's on. Look at this thing. The fact that this thing went through all that it went through and it is on, I would say that's a keeper.
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