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The Buzz Report: Will Office 2010 kill Google Docs?
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The Buzz Report: Will Office 2010 kill Google Docs?

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This week on the Buzz Report, Tom Merritt and Molly Wood square off in a point/counterpoint over whose office suite will reign supreme. It gets ugly.

Hi, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the Buzz Report � the show about the tech news that everybody�s talking about. This week, it�s AmaFlix, a Vista diss, and Point Counterpoint. But first, it's the Gadget of the Week. The Gadget of the Week is the Samsung HMX U10, an ultraportable camcorder coming in September that not only shoots in full HD, it takes 10-megapixel stills, has one button uploading to YouTube, and will cost 200 dollars. Because, wow, y'all. I really thought these ultraportable digital camcorder one-trick ponies were a dumb idea because your digital camera could just do that same thing and then some, but now? This is your digital camera. And your digital camera ROCKS. GIVE IT! And now for the news. This week, Wall Street and the blogosphere got pretty darned excited over some rumors that Amazon might buy Netflix. Netflix stock soared to more than 42 bucks, and we dreamed of a world that brought those two streaming catalogs together on game consoles, TVs, set top boxes, and TiVos everywhere. WOW. Now, there are a lot of ramifications of a merger like that, but to me, the whole thing just means one thing ... Kindle FX ... MOVIE edition. I miss the drive-in. In other news this week, six in 10 companies surveyed say they do NOT plan to upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out. See, that's because once you have bitten some people? Then the next time you see them? They are shy. Because they don't want to get close to you. Because you BIT them. And of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Microsoft's Office 10 Technical Preview arrived this week -- WITH an announcement that Microsoft will offer FREE Web-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote to anyone with a Windows Live account. Now, we haven't seen these Web-based versions yet, and it sounds like they'll be ad-supported lighter apps ... nevertheless, I think it's safe to say? Goodbye Google Docs. Nice knowin' ya. TOM: Oh sure, Molly, something that doesn't exist is going to drive the dangerous behemoth known as Google out of the business. Right. MOLLY: Oh, LOOK! CNET's resident expert, Tom Merritt, decided to drop in for a little Word play. Get it? Word. How about a little Point/Counterpoint, my good man? TOM: You're on. MOLLY: Now, Tom. You can't seriously believe that Google Docs could possibly survive a frontal assault from the undisputed king of productivity: Microsoft. Microsoft Office Web apps? For free? Actual Word? POWERPOINT? How is this NOT a Google Docs killer? They're done! TOM: Perhaps if this was 1985, I'd agree. But for that we would have to trick Sergey into a time machine, which is also non-existent just like these fictional online versions of Office products. No no, Molly. I'll keep using the product that is easily available in the real world and easy for everyone to use. MOLLY: Available does not always mean easy, Tom. Now, I'll concede that in the PAST, Microsoft has promised online versions of its software and ... underdelivered. But Redmond is now prepared to answer the Google threat, and who hasn't used Office since 1985? Who WOULDN'T choose the comforting, familiar face of Microsoft Office online over this upstart insecure Google business? TOM: You're right in one way, Microsoft is certainly FAMILIAR. They're known for software,.. and software vulnerbailities. In fact this mythical land of Office online apparently will come with one big vulnerability right out of the gate. MOLLY: Oh, yeah, a vulnerability. And Google never has any vulnerabilities ... like how they accidentally emailed people's Google Docs around that one time, or how their password security is so easy to crack that some dude broke into Twitter and walked away with the entire house. Plus ... there's this huge privacy fear about Google. People don't trust Google's security. BUSINESSES don't trust Google's security. Microsoft ... well, at least they're the devil you know! TOM: That's where you're wrong. Well. actually they are a devil you are acquainted with aren't they. MOLLY: See, that's where you're wrong ... whatever it is you're trying to insinuate. Google lover. And that�s the Buzz Report for this week, everyone. I�m Molly Wood! Thanks for watching.

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