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CNET Update: Why Apple dumped Google Maps
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CNET Update: Why Apple dumped Google Maps

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Apple took maps in a new direction over a voice-navigation spat, Facebook partners with Dropbox, and the networks want you to use Zeebox.

-We're finding our way through new technology. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET update. You've seen the mockery over Apple's messy map app and how will sometimes give users wrong information, but the question this past week have turned to why. Why is Apple launching this when it's worst in the previous version with Google? Well, we have some answers. Reports say that Apple wanted to harness the glory of Google spoken term by Turn directions, but Google was keeping that close to Android and would only offer that feature to Apple if Google got some branding credit and Google also wanted to add some features like allocation sharing tool, Apple wasn't down for that. And so it chose to move quickly ahead with this own creation and breakoff its dependence on Google. Well, you know Google's been perfecting its map database for 7 years so Apple's got a ways to go, it's just getting started. But I wanna hear what you think about all this. Have you had any promise using Apple maps or has been just fine for you. Are you hesitant to upgrade to iOS 6 because of it? Vote in our CNET Video player poll, send an e-mail to <> or send in your 15 second comment in a video on Tout. If you're part of the Facebook group, you can now share files that are stored in a drop box directly from Facebook. To share a file, click on the add file button at the top of the group page and drop box is now an option. Any comments or edits are updated through the cloud. There will be plenty to play when the Wii U game system goes on sale November 18th. Nintendo announced that 23 Wii U games will be available on launch day and by the end of March they'll be more than 50 games. But if you can't wait that long for a new game, there's always the new Angry Birds game-- Bad Peggy is just went live Thursday. Bad Peggy is a series of puzzles where you have to build machines to move the pigs to different areas. You've heard me talk about apps for checking into TV shows and giving you the second screen experience but we're keeping a close eye on a new one that just cropped up for the U.S. called Zeebox and it's been back by 30 broadcasters including Comcast, NBC Universal, HBO and Cinemax and it matters because there groups are going to promote this app heavily during shows to get you to multi-task on the app while the show is on and that could hurt apps like GetGlue which had check-in stickers or Yahoo's IntoNow. The Zeebox app will list trending shows, get personalized programming recommendation and get this. These broadcasters sync up the app with advertising. So, perhaps you could see a car add on TV and also see a pop up about it on your phone or tablet. It's already got 1.5 million users in the U.K. That's your tech news update for today, but you could have more details about all these stories at the blog From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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