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Who won E3: PS4 or Xbox One? in CNET UK Podcast 392: CNET UK Podcast

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CNET UK Podcast: Who won E3: PS4 or Xbox One? in CNET UK Podcast 392

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Six months on and with a load of cool new games announced at E3, which next-gen console is taking the lead? And why have taxi drivers brought European cities to a standstill this week?

[MUSIC] Hello and welcome. You are listening to CNET UK Podcast. This is episode 392 for Friday the 13th of June, 2014. Friday the 13th, unlucky for some but not for you, listeners and viewers, because we are bringing you all the week's technology news, including the taxi tantrum that brought Europe to a standstill and the most exciting games from E3. Plus we find how a prehistoric punch up led to the difference between men and women. I'm at [INAUDIBLE] joining me in a high-tech London studio this week is Luke Westaway. Hello. Hello. Hi. Speaking of knowing the difference between men and women. Hey. [LAUGH] I'm not quite sure what that means. No. Me either. But it's probably insulting. [LAUGH] It didn't, it didn't sound very nice. [LAUGH] Well, I'm a gendered normative, so, you know. Oh. That's a good complaint. I, I don't see gender. So there. excellent. And also Jason Jenkins. I'm gonna start mega [INAUDIBLE] with a girl. Oh no. [CROSSTALK] That means we are now on the clock. We're officially on the clock. We have to dispatch Andy on a secret mission to scope out the world's fastest car, so coming up very soon. We didn't know what it was. We. Open-ended request, really. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Don't find it. And, they were pretty sure that one of the cars in the world. Not to be selfish. [LAUGH] Don't come back until you found this one. And, make sure you check 'em all. But, in the meantime, check out this and all other videos on CNET or youtube.com/cnet. Alright, let's get the ball rolling into the latest news. [MUSIC] Okay, the first story this week, we've been fascinated by this, the, loads of cabbies have been protesting. [LAUGH] More than normal. A few thousand of them between sort of five and 13, depending on who you believe, thousand. Right. Jammed up the central London the other day and they've also protested around Europe and Berlin and. Other countries. Mm-hm. It appears to protest specifically about Uber, the smartphone app that calls a cab at the push of a button. It calls a private hire vehicle, I should have said, at the push of a button. Mm. And cabbies are unhappy that they're they're taking business away from them. They're not competing on fair terms. As they see it, hum. And they thought they'd jam up London. And you went to have a look at it, Rich, didn't you? I did. Yeah, I went, I went there and saw the streets around Trafalgar Square all gridlocked and, spoke to quite a few cabbies. They're not particularly happy about it. They're kind of, they, their claim is that they're not protesting against Uber, specifically. Oh no. Not at all. It has nothing to do with Uber, but they're protesting against Transport for London which is the city used transit authority that licenses private highway vehicles and taxis, and that kind of thing. And they reckon that, that, that TFL has, is, is, should be regulating Uber and they're not. So they're allowing Uber to operate, in unfair, unfair terms. Because they have to, what, take four years or something to the knowledge. Four years of knowledge, yep. They can only buy certain vehicles. Mm-hm. That cost a lot of money. Right. And aren't brilliant. and. There really canonical, let's see they, they have to. I mean, things they do that the Uber drivers don't necessarily do is they have background checks every year, they have I think it's two M-I-C's a year. All this kind of thing. And the Uber driver can just, are basically a guy with a car. Exactly. Who registers with Uber and I think there are some very small checks possibly go on. I'm not too sure. And they just turn up and it's not. So from our point of view, it's cheaper. You get someone to drive you there. Mn. But the cabbie's not happy about it. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So I mean, the thing is as well, that if it's usually cheaper but they're enabling operating of a thing called surge pricing, which means that at times when you might really need a cab, then they charge you more. Whereas taxis always have a flat rate. Right. [CROSSTALK] I've been stung by that before. It's always prices. Yes, exactly. Dublin. In the evening, and of course [UNKNOWN] Oh, we have a comment from a reader on the subject. Pete in Essex, good name. Says the historical business model for cab drivers is being upended similar to mass media. Oh my God, really? Yeah. Our business model has been upended. [LAUGH] Oh, no. [INAUDIBLE] Does this mean we have to go back to. They can stick their head in the ground to pretend their way of life is not going to change, or work together to figure out how to stay ahead of the game. Uber has been out there since 2009 so the taxi cab companies have a lot of catching up to do. And not understanding your evolving customer base. Is a good way to continue to fall behind. Oh dear. Damning stuff. Interestingly, I said let's go to figure out how to stay ahead of the game. One of the cabbies I spoke to has actually got together with a bunch of other cabbies, and they're forming a cooperative to make their own app. And, They locked up a couple weeks ago. They got ready by this weekend. [CROSSTALK] So, isn't that, kind of, how? Isn't that sort of how Halo started? Halo started like that. Yes. Yeah. But, then he went evil. But, then he went, turned evil and started taking on private here, as well. So, so, cabbies aren't going to get involved with absent technology, but, They're not happy about Uber, particularly. And, its seems like this protest might backfire a bit because the, The head of Uber in the U.K. said that their registrations had increased 150% in the time that they announced this challenge. Hey. That's good. So. And they all have may, really, have achieved this by giving Uber the old publicity because I've, kind of, not especially heard of it. Even though it's actually a pretty big company, Based in America. Yeah. More than 100 fisheries around the world. Yeah. Huge. Huge, Huge evaluation of several billion. Oof. Anyway. Good luck to the cabbies, though. Yeah. Absolutely. What else is going on? Well, we've got an outdated Turing test which apparently is no longer the golden standard AI. This is on the back, we wrote this story off the back of a, the Turing test being passed by computer or so the research is claiming. Controversy, I can't say that word. Some controversy about whether I can say that word. There was some controversy around whether or not this had actually been passed. Luke, you wanna explain a bit more? Yes. So there was a big, big kind of kerfuffle in the news because the Turing Test was finally passed, or so it seems, by. A - Well, what, what is cherry test? The cherry test Rick, I'm glad you asked. Mm-hm. Is an important kind of thought experiment in artificial intelligence research. There's kind of, has sort of a bench mark for machines doing very well. This test is to whether a machine can successfully impersonate a human so that a human who's only getting kind of written responses from a machine. Can't tell whether or not their a robot or not. So and it's kind of evolved to be like a champ boxing, so you kind of have a judge who's gonna tapping in messages, and messages come back. And they don't know if it's from a human, or if its from a, a, very clever program. And in this case, it was from a clever program, and it fooled 30% of people, which they thought was enough to say, yes, it's passed. The other. And one of the judges was Robert Luellen. Robert Luellen, yes. Whose, whose qualification appears to be playing course. He was, right, yeah. So you know, he knows. Well he knows all about that. He's a lovely man. Well you know anyone can be a judge in the jury desk because all it says is, you know, can you fool a human into thinking you're a person. But it was a look on special in this case. Because at the start is the pers, the like the robot was impersonating a 13 year old Ukrainian boy. So English wasn't his frist language [LAUGH] and and he was kinda like, you know. A doofus. Yeah, just like [INAUDIBLE] Still only 30% of people will fall for it. [LAUGH] Yeah, exactly. And the other 60 were like, I'm pretty sure this is a computer, not someone who can't speak English. That's for sure. Yes, exactly. So in, in kind of the wake of the announcement that we had finally achieved this AI milestone. Yeah, a lot of very eminent people in the field kind of spoke out and said this wasn't very good. And I spoke to a few of them, who kind of explained to me why artificial, intelligence is not particularly well-tested by the Turing Test. It was because, because, it was in 1950, Turing paper that it first appeared. Obviously we've all got a lotta love for Alan Turing, but he was, he didnt' really imagine that AI would evolve in, in the way it has, which isn't like a computer simply impersonating a. A human. It's much more complicated and, actually, much more clever than that. Seems like neural networks and it, kind of learning algorithms, things like that. Google self-driving car, which kind of more like in, you know, obviously, it's not gonna say anything to you. But it's, it's far more intelligent, Right. Than a 13 year old Uranian Japbot. [LAUGH] So, yeah, don't worry too much about having to pass the Turing test. Okay. If you have robots listening, don't, you know? It's not a big deal. [CROSSTALK] It's like your stats. Yeah. It's not, you know? It's not really a thing, like, during life, so. Yeah. Exactly, you know? I can't remember any math. You, you. Pete's, Really good at math. Can't remember any of your stats, mate. Yeah. Exactly. Well this has got nothing about the, the cheering test as it encourages, kind of, cheating because the goal is to fool a human. So one of the things that you do, if you're programming to compete to try to pass this test, is you, is if it's asked a mathematical question, which obviously robots are very good at, it'll get it wrong. Or it'll wait 30 seconds and then give the answer. Alright, oh, that devious place. Oh yeah, they're coming for [CROSSTALK] Doesn't, doesn't really feel like the right way to go about. SkyNet. Okay, interesting. Well, you've written a re-draft about that so that's on the site now, so [CROSSTALK] Thanks Rich. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] What else? Well the, there's a story here about how a 4 million old fist fight may have formed your face. Who'd be interested by this? This is not going on the site. So, here's how it goes. The human face looks like this. It's not a particularly attractive example of it, but this is your basic human face. All of the features are there. In roughly the right order. For those listening on the audio version, I look like a person. Descriptive power. [INAUDIBLE] Task finding the fast car. Anyway, the human face looks the way it does due to men fighting over women about four million years ago, Right. So, it started off, right, we all started off with a face that looks like mine, which incidentally for those listening to the audio version looks like most people's, with a really really sticky out jaws like big bit in the front. Mike. Big sticky out thing. Okay. And what happened is man kind of fought and smacked each other in the face. Yeah. And that jaw would break. I think, so what, go to A&E right. We might have to wait a few hours, but [CROSSTALK] Pretty good back then. No it turns out it didn't have hospitals or [CROSSTALK] Or medicine or anything so if you had your jaw broken it probably meant death. [INAUDIBLE] Death because you can eat. You can chew, Oh yeah. you can eat so you starve to death by a sense. So evolution, being that clever little mistress that it is, works out that this was not a very good way to have a human being Mm. exist. OK. And evolution made our jaws kinda go back into our face and be a bit more hardened to take in a punch. Mm. So what you're saying is. That my posh, weak chin is actually, like, an evolutionary gift. And I'm probably, like, a fighting champion. Like, deep in my genetic instincts I could, you know, a brawler. I'm not so sure about that. Or, or I always thought you were more of an evolutionary cul-de-sac personally. Maybe my ancestors just got punched a lot. [LAUGH] Well listen, I, I mean this is the thing. So it's, it's all about kinda of, around the eyes, and, and the, and, and the nose, and, and the jaw. The male face got kind of bony padding. So the head kinda quite bony ridges. because, because yeah. Because what happened, was a particular particular subspecies of australopith, which was kind of the precursor of, of early man. They they learned how to form a fist and as a result learned how to hit each other. So, but yeah. So [CROSSTALK] That's where we went wrong. That's where we went wrong. And so the ones that proliferated were the ones who had the kind of big, bony protection around their faces and they they flourished. But then as the importance of of, of physical strength in the fighting has declined, so those those traits have disappeared again, so we've gone back down to slightly less [INAUDIBLE]. We don't have that big bony protrusion covering our faces. I prefer my explanation, a big sticky out bit on the chin. [LAUGH] Back into the face. [LAUGH] It got punched back in. [LAUGH] By Lamarckian evolution, then all the children had. Punched in faces. Completely. Possibly little birds like spinning around the head, and stuff like that. [LAUGH] Possibly a lump kind of appeared, like You have to push it in. Alright, that's ridiculous. Cool. Alright, excellent. Well, that's interesting stuff. Why dont we move on now, with something a little bit more bounced off. The gaming stuff that happened at E3. [MUSIC] Yes, it is time for The Big Picture, where we take the week's most important news and subject it to great pressures to compress it into one easy to understand diamond of truth. This week I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about gaming extravaganza E3, with the PS4, and XBox One, and all the latest game went head to head. So last years E3 was all about consoles, this year was all about showing off new games for those systems, as well as Nintendos Wii U console. Microsoft talked about games that will only be available for the XBox, like Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, which is a colorful Tony Hawk styled shooting game. Mm-hm. And Halo Master Chief collection, which is a single game just because it contains the first four Halo games, which you've probably already paid for once. Sony meanwhile, also talked exclusives. There's a new game in the infamous superhero franchise. And most excitingly probably new game in the uncharted series. It was kind of an adventurey Indiana Jones style game. Sony also mentioned Now, which is the upcoming service that will stream games to you over the internet... And we gotta look at the Playstation TV, which is a small, cheap console that works with Playstation, now, and also lets you play your Playstation 4 remotely, from another room. Over your internet connection, which I think is quite cool. That just leaves Nintendo, which actually had a pretty big showing. So, loads of new games, but the most exciting, for me was definitely a new Zelda that will be set in a big, explorable world. Think Grand Theft Auto with a horse, and will be out next year. And Amebo as well, which is Nintendo's series of plastic character toys, that pop up in your games when you tap them on the WiiU's touch pad. I believe they use NSE. So, That's kind of cool. Taking on skylanders and that kind of thing. The game that had everyone talking at E3 though was no man's sky. Which is a sci-fi exploration game, which means you'll be able to roam around planets, fly through space and dive underwater in a universe that's generated as you go. The Playstation four is off to a good start in terms of console sales, so Microsoft and Nintendo are under pressure to keep up. And for me. Sony felt like it was in charge at E3. It felt like it was keeping it's lead. I don't know what you guys thought. Sony's winning, okay. Yeah. Well I like some of this No Man's Sky thing. What's what's so special about that? That was very cool actually. It's not dissimilar to Minecraft where you kind of load up Minecraft, the game loads a completely unique randomly generated world. For you, at which is completely unique and no one else will get to it, enjoy it, and you can kind of dig around it and be killed by a zombie. Wander around, go wherever, everywhere you want to go. Exactly, and No Man's Sky, there's still some kind of mystery surrounding it because we're only kind of seeing it when it's very, sort of, an early build. But it looks basically to run around on a planet, meet some alien dinosaurs, jump in a spaceship, fly to another planet, and it will. You get a sort of practically infinite universe, because it's procedurally generated. Okay. Which means that it's kind of algorithmically built as you move around it so, Okay. It's, it's kind of, yeah. The, they don't build a big game world like in Grand Theft Auto that you can then fix - Mm-hm. And you can move around and it's the same for everyone. It's different. And you know, it kind of puts out random element. [CROSSTALK] That's it. And you get experiences that no one else is enjoying. Does that mean you could have a potentially infinite world. I believe so. With cyber-generated things. I believe so. Which is kind of fun. So, Yeah. I get lonely. I guess it depends how. How, I guess it depends kind of how random those things become, like if it's like, if it's procedurally generated, pretty much the same way. Yeah. It's always procedurally generated another dinosaur. Good. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah, you're got it. So we don't know. It might be rubbish, but it looks very cool. On a proceduresaurus. Proce Jurassic Park. Nice. I don't know if you guys ever read the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, but visually it reminds me a bit of the Spaceman Spiff bit in that. It's kind of very brightly colored, kind of garish looking, but sort of imagination sparking. So, it's a game that's got everyone talking. It's kind of the game of the conference, I think so far. Excellent. Well, you, here's what occurred to me about E3, as you asked, hum, hum. The, I remember last year I was quite excited by all the, I was excited about this stuff that everyone criticized. Right. As usual contrary, but I'm more exhausted after when, hey, look, the XBox does all these things, you know, it's like a PVR and it's got this cool tv thing. And they barely mention games at all. This is interesting because its a real play for game consuls to become bigger than games they are becoming widder this is very focuses on well theres a lot of sequels and theres a lot of running around and mashing people in the head its like all the worst elements in the gaming industry very inventive and very [UNKNOWN] and i think this year. It's becoming very insular and they're kinda shutting themselves off from the sort of outside forces. But, I don't know. What do you think about that? Well, who cares what I think when we've actually got some, you know, reader opinions. [CROSSTALK] But, I mean, yeah, people have been, people seem to have reacted quite well to Microsoft ditching all that stuff which feels a little bit. As you were saying, slightly anti-progress, maybe. But, I dunno. I mean, if gamers just want to play games, that's what they should do. Yeah, I did say that. Dylan Lloyd Hughes said, of the XBox One and the PS-Four, that you played both, but they're not to divide PS-Four as it has great potential. Let's see if he's proved right. He always was an Xbox fan he says from the beginning. But they went down the entertainment route, rather than gaming. A similar sentiment echoed by Jeffery Groves, who says, Xbox for all around entertainment, but PS4 for games. So yeah I think Microsoft has sort of. Shot itself in the foot a bit already by accidentally branding itself as a, a the anti-gaming, They made a play for. Console All, everyone else who's not a gamer and then as a result they may have alienated gamers. Yeah. It turns out that the people who weren't gamers weren't watching E3 and didn't care. What about Nintendo, is that. It's, I mean, that's, wasn't it this week, the first time, or at least we'd, we'd first somebody one noticed. That Sony had outsold them in terms of consoles. So I mean, isn't, the, it was pretty bleak for that company, right? Yeah, it's really bleak for Nintendo, because the 3DS, I think, is the handheld console. Seeing a lot better than the Wii U, but I don't think, it's not doing as well as they would like it to be doing, and the Wii U is doing pretty terribly, you know. I think. They sort of backed down on the whole kinect thing didn't they, which they they said they were gonna sell the Wii U with with kinect. Sorry am I thinking of something. [CROSSTALK] .>>> Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Your thinking of Microsoft. Oh no. Rich, oh no. Oh no. You're thinking, thinking of the wrong company entirely. I, I was thinking that I wasn't gonna do very well in the course. oh. [Laugh] [Laugh] I'm sorta,trying to bluff my way through this. He's hustling you. Because we know he's a quiz about gaming, so he's like, what is a Sonic? [Laugh] [Laugh] Something, and you see, he'll get the first few wrong and then he'll say, can we put some money on it? I'm feeling confident. Can we make this more interesting? [LAUGH] I think Nintendo actually, they I wasn't expecting much, but I kinda got more than I expected. They had some really cool looking games, and, and [NOISE] it's part of my childhood. Like the the little child inside of me that's still alive. It's like oh, good, little plastic toys they look fun. Yeah. You know they do look genuinely sort of like collectible and geeky and you know So [INAUDIBLE]. yeah, yeah it has and and Disney tried to do something similar with Disney Infinity I think which was Disney characters. What's cool about this one though is you can buy the same figure and it'll pop up in different games which I'm not sure that Skylanders does. So if you buy Sonic you can put him in like Mario Kart or Smash Bros. or whatever. [UNKNOWN] Nintendo [UNKNOWN] sure it won't actually be that exciting when you need a long friend code or something to do anything with it. But. But you know, it, it wasn't the kind of graveyard showing that I thought it might be, so. Maybe there's hope. Okay, good. Well, as, speaking of that, Chris, thanks, thanks for your feedback folks. It's good to hear from people that are so passionate about games and gaming and as you may have spotted some of us are bigger gamers than others here on the podcast. And in fact, you might say Jason and I are total noobs. Well, I certainly am clearly. Yeah. So next we're gonna have the new gaming quiz challenge. Yay. And we're gonna recruit the the [UNKNOWN] buzzer for this. That's all right. Welcome back, [UNKNOWN]. Meow. Okay, on the [UNKNOWN]. I'm, I'm quiz master. Yeah, master. Rich sounds like. And Jason sounds like. Oh no, don't. Wait, Jason sounds like. [LAUGH] There we go. All right, so is everyone ready to quiz? Okay, fingers on the buzzers. Oh, well, I actually put my hand on it. No, no, no, no, no contact. I'm quiz master this week. [CROSSTALK] All right. Okay. [CROSSTALK] I'm nervous. Question one, question one, brace yourselves. Gaming, games. What year Yeah. Was the first E3? Oh, I don't know, maybe [INAUDIBLE] Jason, you've buzzed in. 1992. That's not correct. Rich, would you like to? 1987. Oh, I'm afraid that also wrong. Jason, you were closest. The answer is 1995. Oh. Oh. Yeah, it's not, not that old, not that old. Fairly new. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] So there's a point for you. Everyone is familiar, this is question two. Yeah. With Mario, and. Mario, hey? He's the hedgehog, right? [LAUGH] Ruin it. You're ruining it. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] And you may be familiar with Mario's. Ape friend, Donkey Kong. Yeah. But what color is Donkey Kong's tie? Rich. Blue. No, Rich. Oy, oy. Green. [LAUGH] That's not how the rules of this works. No, no, Rich, you've just [UNKNOWN]. Minus point for you. Oh no. Jason's at 1, you're at -1. Jason, would you like to buzz in on that? [INAUDIBLE] What did you say? [LAUGH] No, no, no, Rich said [INAUDIBLE] I was gonna say red. You're correct. Well done. Very good. That's two points to negative one point. Rich, you can't win now. But maybe you can pull it back now, save face, save some dignity. Mario collects coins, but Sonic collects what? Stamps [LAUGH] what? Experiences. [LAUGH] Jason? This is the remix. It's rings, isn't it? Yes, well done I actually knew that I just wasn't very quick on the old uptake, well done I knew that one, I didn't guess it like the red one. There you go. A clean sweep. A full house. Three, three points. And I'm slightly less rubbish at games than I thought but pretty rubbish. I think so that's my status absolutely confirmed. So that settles it. Alright then let's move swiftly on. I don't want to wallow in that defeat. Let's see what you guys have been saying in this week's feedback. [UNKNOWN] says in the honestly Microsoft adverts that precede every video on Cnet at the moment after the small guy nudges the big guy do you know if the big guy punches or elbows the small guy in the face I dont think [UNKNOWN] enjoys the adverts on our website sorry about that [CROSSTALK] but Andrew does say. I was looking forward to the podcast as ever [UNKNOWN]. Very nice. [UNKNOWN] hashtag, still no direct link to the UK podcast. Which was a previous gripe, however, we can tell you that if you are looking to find this podcast, well done if you've already found it, if you go to cnet.com, if you're in the UK you'll be automatically redirected to the UK edition. if you're on the desktop and it is always on the front page. We keep the podcast on the front page, the UK edition. There is also a playlist on YouTube as well so look out for that. A playlist on YouTube. And also iTunes. And iTunes. Three, four times. The three different sizes of video quality and an audio. And there's four rss feeds. So, I mean, like, what do you want from us? Guys, your, your collective- What, I can't give you a, I can't give you a link in a menu- What are we gonna do? But I can give you [UNKNOWN] RSS feed, the homepage link, iTunes, and YouTube. Yeah. You- Surely- What do you want? Do you want a, a [UNKNOWN] into your house? I mean, what do you, what do you need from it? Your collective cups runneth over, frankly. Thank you for watching and listening. Thank you. Thank you. He and James Wilkes says, when will the LGG3 be available in the UK? I believe the UK release date is the first of July, so not long to wait. Yeah, OK. We should have our review up next week I think. Oh, exciting. So, you should be able to read the review before you buy, which obviously you should do anyway. You know, obvious. Obvious. [UNKNOWN] say's which is better IOS or android or PS4 vs Xbox 1 so of IOS vs Android and PS4 vs Xbox 1 Which do you think is better which is the better rivalry Well I think we've established that I'm not a huge gamer I think the eagle eyed among you may have picked up on that particular hint but. I don't know. I think, PS4 versus XBox1 is kinda fun cuz everyone gets so angry about it. Yeah, I'm gonna say PS4 versus XBox1 is a lot more fun because it's new, and something's actually happening. Where as iOS and Android, feels like it's tailing off a bit. You know, there's not much difference between them anymore. They're both so great. Oh. Stand by for all the comments. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Yep. I think they're both great. [LAUGH] I think PS4 versus IOS? Ooh, that's. Which one do you want? That's the next big tech war, isn't it then? Yeah. Sony or an iPhone? Hm. What is better for gaming? A phone or a console? Hm. You got a lot of stink for writing about the saying the iPod touch was better than [CROSSTALK] I can't remember. It's the thing I'm trying to say. It's the phone. Phone's much more, much better. Yeah. I What's that? If you cancel actually like gaming out that I've enjoy, I probably have more fun in my phone the last couple of years that I've had in my console. And from much, much less money. So, that's good. If it isn't. As its being said, could the code for ios seven from running split screen apps will be kept for the next generation of the iPad. Now, I think, but ios seven I mean ios eight because it was recently found in the ios bit decode. And there is the possibility. The further down the line Apple might be introducing split screens you wrote up. That's right, yes for this week a developer who have been trying out the IOS 8 developer code. Actually discovered how to make this work, and so there's a video that they put on YouTube that we wrote about during the week. Oh wow. Where that you can use two fingers to drag an app over and you can resize from half the screen, quarter of the screen, or three quarters of the screen. You kind of see that from side to side. But it is code that's kinda buried in there. Apple didn't say anything about it at WWDC. It would be great if you have it because Android already does it. So the Note 3 can do it, the Mm-hm. The Microsoft Surface can do it in Windows 8. I don't believe that raw Android has a kind of native way of doing it though. Mm. I may be wrong though, but it's not obvious if there is. LG also I think uses. Some of the LG devices do it as well. But yeah, the Note's kind of the main one that introduced that split screen, so it would be good if Apple could do it and catch up a bit. But, because they didn't announce it WWDC we don't know if if they're actually kinda holding that back. Maybe it just doesn't work. Windows 8 would be put, well out to join by that, I should say. alright, and finally on the subject of cheering again. Morlin.via in the comment section, wrote, artificial intelligence is certainly improving, chat bots and other applications, the question is. Will they ever catch up with my articulate and well spoken cat, Poppy. [LAUGH] Poppy is actually a chatbot that, that this person has linked to. So you can actually chat with this cat, and I did. And the question I asked was, how soft is your fur? And the response came back I'm probably world famous for my soft and luxurious fur. Oh my. Oh my god. The jeering death. I disrespect that the extent of people would think they were talking to a real cat. Yeah. Yeah. It was a really convincing answer, because would a robot really know what it's like to... Soft luxurious fur, no. [CROSSTALK] And, and that's for me the real tragedy of, of being a robot, I guess. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's the robot condition. [LAUGH] What is fur? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Alright, thank you everyone. You can see about coming, by emailing us at our lovely new email address, cnetukpodcast@cbsi.com, we love hearing from all of you. That's it. Yep. Obviously that's it for this week. So, thank you very much Andy. Sorry. [LAUGH] Thank you very much. [LAUGH] Why do I bother even coming here? Oh. Gosh. Thanks very much. Just cuz I beat you in the quiz. I thank you very much, Flora. Ohh. Bring back Chris Stevens. [LAUGH] Thank you Jason Leek, thank you to our producer Mark, who you will never see. Right. Would somebody call us a cab, because we're out of here. See you next week. Call this guy a cab. B-45. [laughter] [music]

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2:49 April 20, 2015
Google's smartwatch software update introduces new features to battle the Apple Watch. Meanwhile, a Quirky security measure bricks...
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4 cool new things about emojis in iOS 8.3
1:33 April 20, 2015
We'll show you all the new tricks you can do with emoji symbols in iOS 8.3.
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Which is better: Star Trek or Star Wars?
6:18 April 20, 2015
CNET's Luke Westaway and Rich Trenholm ask which of the two greatest geek franchises deserves the top spot.
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Smarter driver: How to spot counterfeit car parts
1:38 April 20, 2015
Brian Cooley tells you what you need to know to avoid buying bogus auto parts.
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Sony's newest $1,500 sound bar offers Bluetooth headphone listening
0:44 April 20, 2015
Sony's HT-ST9 sound bar is the company's newest flagship at $1,499 and it offers some unique features such as support for Bluetooth...
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Mini's concept begins where Google Glass left off
1:51 April 19, 2015
The carmaker's Augmented Vision is a new concept projecting information, navigation and safety information onto a set of glasses.
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