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Apple Byte: What's up with the iMacs?

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Apple Byte: What's up with the iMacs?

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New details about the next-gen iMacs, and could the Mac Pro really be dead? Plus, who thinks the Apple TV will be the "iPanel"? Not us.

What's up? Brian Thong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Let's get to the show and the number one question many of you have been asking, what's up with the iMax? Now we're expecting them before the back to school season with all the new Ivy Bridge processors and a new report from how to arena says their supply chain sources saved will be refreshed in the June, July time frame which really isn't a surprise but it's the first alley to make such a claim. Now a rule of the ruined mill is to give yourself 2 months so it falls somewhere in there. Now a recent data times report also claims that G-Tech (Opto?) Electronics is working with Apple on anti reflective glass for the next gen iMax. We saw the sunflowers inspired iMax with a mat screen, Apple's made it a build to order option for Mac book pros and it's a welcome request for many users. Now more news, Avatron is a company with an app called air display that allows the user iPad as a second monitor. It's really cool stuff but their new update has real Mac OS10's high DPI support that stayed hidden because they currently do not have high resolution right on displays for desktops that support it. Now it's supported through the app using the new iPad as monitor but it also is a nugget that hence we might see a high DPI red in light display for Max in the future with built in OS10 support already existing. And what about those Mac pros? Are we gonna see them again? Now I predicted this year would be the last but after talking to a couple close sources of mine, they've really made me believe we will not see Mac pros this year and moving forward. Now I could be completely wrong and I'll loan up to it if I am but all indications from my side tell me the Mac pro is dead. Now what's the latest with the Apple TV? Well don't call that if your Jeffrey's analyst Peter Misec who's been totally wrong in the past but still gets paid to do his job. He is calling the product, get ready for it, the iPanel because it's far more than a TV. He says it's a display, a gaming center, media hub, a computer, a home automate'r even and he sure knows about these features for product that doesn't even exist. Now he says it will retail for 1250 and it will go on sale by the end of 2012. All right you guys have heard of a popular game called draw something that's really taken over your life but drawing with your finger isn't all that it's cracked up to be. So let's check out this how to tip from Donna Bell for trading your own stylist. Touch screens offer an awesome and simple way to navigate and interact their tablet or smart phone except when they don't. When it comes to detail control, something like drawing or writing, it can be really useful to have a pen. But not just any pen will work since it's not a matter of pressure but an issue of electric conduction. You can buy a compatible styles for as little as $5 but what if you need something right now. Well in this CNET how to, I'm gonna show you how to make a touch screen pen it's essentially free assuming that your boss will look together way if you're ready for supply closet. So here's what you'll need. You need a pen, a paper clip and a sponge. Now make sure that a pen is one of those that you can pull apart. You also need 3 tools pliers, scissors and a drill. First step, pull the pen apart and remove the ink cartridge. Keep it around though, you'll need it later. Next, slice a little rectangular wedge off of the sponge, you can be squeezing a chunk of this through the barrel of the pen so make sure it's small enough to get in but thick enough to stay put. Any sponge should do as long as it has a little moisture in it and you can always test it out by using it directly on your screen. Next step, drill a hole into the pen barrel, the hole needs to be big enough for the paper clip to get through. Now show the sponge through the barrel so that it pokes out the tip. Then, put the pen back together and finally, flatten out that paperclip and poke one under it into the hole that you made just so that it's jiving the sponge and then wrap the rest around the barrel. So as long as your hand is in contact with the metal, it'll carry an electric charge through the sponge and to the screen. Now won't work of the sponge is completely dried out though but a few drops of water should get you back in business. So there you go a DIY capacitor style you can use at any tablet or smart phone. It's not pretty but the price is right. It's easy to customize and you can make one in just a few minutes. See look guys, with my own stylist, I'm able to make amazing drawings like this. All right thanks Donald now. Back to the stories. News broke that over 600,000 max were hit by a flash back Trojon taking advantage of an old job of own ability. So just in case you use Mac, it doesn't mean you're totally safe. Now over half of those infected were in Cupertino and 20% of them are in Canada. Apple is finally responded with their own job attached but they were slower to respond because the big A wants to release their own patches. It's available now so get on it. Now some cool pans from Apple, a new application found by Apple insider shows off what's describe as active electronic media packaging? That would be an active packaging system that supplies power and data to devices wirelessly with an RF power transmitter and allows them to show and display content while in the package. Pretty crazy stuff there. Also, everyone wants to know what's going on behind the scenes of Cupertino and according to Nantech, Apple has been working on an internal project to bring a physical game controller to market to compliment the new iPad. Now other companies that made products that address this but a wireless and simless Apple implementation could be pretty sweet especially with the improved game and performance the iPad delivers. But right now it's a dream. And if you're dreaming about 7-inch iPads during Fireballs, John Groover says that a 7.85-inch iPad does indeed exist in Apple's labs running at the same 1024x760 resolution as previous iPads. So who knows of the release but (??) ask for 7-inches, you might get it. I don't know Brian. Looking for a 10-inches. All right that's gonna do for this week's show. Send us your e-mails to the Apple Byte at cena.com. I'm Brian Thong and thanks for watching and we'll catch you guys next time for another byte of the Apple.

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