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What will WWDC bring?: Apple Byte

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Apple Byte: What will WWDC bring?

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We answer all the Apple Byters' burning questions, and we talk about the WWDC, the next-gen iPhone, and hair.

[ music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Brian Tong: What's up, I'm Brian Tong, and welcome to the Apple Byte. We're at E3 covering video games galore, and I told you we put together an email episode for you, the apple byters, so let's jump in. We always get emails asking about what's happening at WWDC and everything iPhone. Teral Johnson [phonetic] writes in, I know the new software update is almost here and useable for us 3G users, but there's also hearsay that Apple is launching a new version of the iPhone this year. Thanks Teral. WWDC will be all about the iPhone 3.0 software and Apple View OS Snow Leopard. But the iPhone is on a yearly product lifecycle, and if you check your calendars it's been a year since the last release. So I really think Apple will announce the new iPhone, but it won't be available until sometime in July. Because you know, Apple wants to see lines wrapped around their retail stores, and it will be no different this time around. Now this one's from Roger Chan, [phonetic] So when is the iPhone 3.0 update coming to us, a specific time this summer, at WWDC? Well Roger, the beta keeps getting better, and the released push notifications for testing a few weeks ago. But to play it safe, they're probably gonna release it with the launch of the new iPhone in mid July. Now what did you have for lunch? asked Jacob. Egg salad sandwich. Mmm. Mattie Stone [phonetic] says, what new feature on iPhone 3.0 will you use the most? I'm using the beta right now, and I cancel text messages before they send, out a lot. But then they got rid of it on the most recent update, so they better bring it back or I'm throwing out more bad apples. And I'm sorry guys, Copy and Paste is nice, but I've only used it like 3 time in 3 months. Pretty much overrated. Okay, Scott Sherin [phonetic] asked, I have deleted most of the music off my hard drive to save space, and if I change back to the original settings it will delete most of the music off the iPhone. So how can I get my music from the phone to iTunes without loosing most of my other stuff? Well we have the video just for you. ^M00:02:00 [ music ] ^M00:02:06 >> Tom Merrit: Thanks to Allen for sending along a link to Pod to PC. It's free software that allows you to take the files off your iPhone without messing with iTunes at all. Go to download.com or PodtoPC.com and download the software. Once you have it installed, launch the program, and hook up your iPhone. It nagged me to visit its website every time I launched it, which was rather annoying, but a small price to pay for free software. The first time you'll launch it you'll pick your language and get an explanation screen. Also it will warn you not to have iTunes running at the same time as Pod to PC. Finally, you'll get the main screen, which lists the play list on your phone, and an overall summary of what's on there. When you click on a playlist you'll see all the tracks in that playlist. A gold star by a song indicates that you don't already have it in iTunes. A blue check mark means you already have it, don't worry about it. You also have another tab that allows video previews of any unprotected videos, that means stuff you didn't buy from the iTunes store. To transfer files check off the boxes. You have an option to check all the tracks in a play list; if you want to do it all in one go. Then go to Edit and Option, and you'll see that the files will be saved to your iTunes music folder by default, but you can edit that if you want them to be saved somewhere else. When you're ready to get the files off the phone, press the big red Transfer button. As the files are being moved a green arrow will appear next to them. Once the files have finished transferring you'll get a notice of how many files transferred. I stopped mine at 4 to keep this video short. It tells you that the playlist of those tracks have been saved to your desktop. Now that's important. Using the playlist is going to make it easier to add these tracks to iTunes, otherwise you'd have to hunt them all down one by one and add them manually. Now close Pod to PC and open iTunes. Go to File; select Library, and then Import Playlist. Open the playlist. iTunes will add the new songs to the library and they'll show up in the main library. And there you have it. Now you can get any file off an iPod or iPhone. You can also get Pod to Mac, which does the same thing for Mac, or Pod Photo Transfer, which copies photos off an iPod or iPhone for you. Hope this helps you free some songs; I'm Tom Merrit, CNET.com. >> Thank you, thank you, Mr. Tom. Okay, people wrote in about the sling player app that I ripped on, because it doesn't work with 3G. But Nathan Thomson [phonetic] and others wrote in saying if you simply jailbreak your iPhone you can download Tricker ThreeG from Cydia, and it will allow you to use any app made specifically for WIFI on ThreeG. So for those that don't know, Cydia is the app that gives you access to applications on jailbroken phones, which leads me to the next question. Sam Gazaltz [phonetic] asks, Hey Brian, just curious on your stance when it comes to jailbreaking the iPhone. Hey Sam, I don't' have a problem with it at all. It unlocks a lot of other great features, but it voids your warranty, and really it's a pain to keep waiting for the next jailbreak update every time Apple releases their own updates. So if you want to play that game of cat and mouse, feel free do. Now more questions. Jethro Brink [phonetic] from the U.K. asks, How many hair products do you use daily? Jethro, it's one. And I know you're shocked, but it's Sumotech from Bumble and Bumble. And guess what? Other CNET personalities have used it too, but I'm not giving away any names. Rob Samon [phonetic] saw the episode where I asked for an app that helped organize wardrobes. And guess what? There's an app fro that. It's called Cool Guy for the fellows, and Stylish Girls for the ladies. And I had no idea, but metro-sexuals and divas can now rejoice. And we finish things off with Dale Matthews, [phonetic] I love the podcast man, but I have to bust on you. On your last podcast your voice was cracking about as much as Phill Shiller's [phonetic] classic Irony. All right, sorry Dale, but that's how I normally talk, and thanks for watching. We'll be back next week covering all things WWDC, and I'm sure more news and rumors will pop up while I'm gone. So send your emails to the AppleByte@CNET.com. I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching, and come back next time for another byte of the apple. ^E00:06:06

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