Inside Scoop: What it was like in the Apple Samsung courtroom
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Inside Scoop: What it was like in the Apple Samsung courtroom

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CNET reporter Sumi Das talks to Josh Lowensohn about the implications of the verdict in the Apple Samsung trial and what it was like to cover the "patent trial of the century."

Hello I'm seeing me dust with me as -- -- in some staff writer for CNET. This is your first day of freedom probably in the last month or so Josh has been covering the Apple vs Samsung trial and of course we just had a verdict on Friday. What's the -- so far -- so far since on those Apple about a billion dollars. Others that -- gonna could. It is better than 2.5. Yeah exactly it's it's a far cry from how much Apple wanted to have but it's also kind of up in the -- about when they have to pay that there's a lot of things that. Still up in the -- and moving around so -- we don't have a definitive data yet. And and it seems to me that the prevailing with some sense that they're not gonna end up having to paint that. One billion plus that in the appeal process perhaps the damages be kept him correct a lot of those things there are still kind of flowing and -- -- themselves -- changed its products to really keep them from project and who. And Samsung is going to appeal right definitely yet they've already said they're gonna appeal to some filed correct and and that again that -- process that's gonna happen next few weeks. In the immediate patent that the immediate effects of this on -- signed house house stocked. Other stuff took a tumble this morning a pretty big and -- some percent. But again I mean a big deal about the trials that really long term effects and -- may have to change their products and if they change their products. But Apple. They're stock kind of went up to -- they're -- of all time high but a lot of that is actually just kind of people expecting a new phone -- -- tablet in the coming weeks of course yeah hard to separate those two. Things out. RC you -- in the courtroom there were no cameras allowed in there are so tell us what the mood was like. We can only tell so much -- -- yeah I mean a lot of it was just quite expectation. Obviously been kind of a -- courtroom the last few few days if you encounter out. It dig a little rat people were just kind of getting tired of this long three week four week trial until that time that the verdict was announced it was basically pins and needles. And deep reactions that you saw from the lawyers. Both defense citing plaintiff's side. He was -- -- for Samsung losing. Pretty ethically in fact. Lawyers and -- to -- -- concerns kind of surprising -- Apple is clearly. Kind of excited about it it. Both sides were getting paid either way it's an operating there was a lot of care and and the billion dollars not coming from the -- -- -- lawyers correct that's correct. Now to fourteen this all happens I'll -- and I mean different SATA patents that kind of a similar situation right tell us about that writes in his other case it's not really going to trial for another two years and that's that's about some of the newer devices you have things like the Galaxy Nexus. This is -- it's it's still on sale whereas that some of the devices that were in this trial just wrapped up. -- older from 2000 and early two -- -- And you'll be covering that with. And -- -- -- jet yak it up well thanks so much for being our eyes and ears in the courtroom we can convert the case without you my pleasure. Just some staff writer for CNET and continue dust thanks for watching -- yeah.

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