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CNET News Video: Welcome WiiWare
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CNET News Video: Welcome WiiWare

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CNET's Kara Tsuboi brings you the latest Nintendo Wii news (and throws in some yoga and ski moves) from a recent media party in San Francisco. With WiiWare set to debut in May, expect to see new titles from indie game developers in the Wii Shop; slick third-party games from Lucas Arts and Electronic Arts; and of course, <i>Mario Kart</i> and <i>Wii Fit</i>.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> [Inaudible]. >> Yes, you really did just watch a video game character puke. That's a quick way to lose a match in Major League Eating, a new title for Nintendo's WiiWare [assumed spelling] Service. >> We wanted to create a game that would be accessible to everyone, little bit quirky, a little bit gross, a little bit funny. And we thought it would be the perfect thing for WiiWare. >> Starting May 12th, this game and several others will help launch the WiiWare Service, that Nintendo says is a great way to showcase small independent game developers. >> Maybe they have a great ideal, but they don't have the budget to turn it into a full [inaudible] package game or maybe they don't, just don't have the resources to kind of bring it to a publisher and get it in stores. They're able to create these games that people can download by other Wii Shop Channel. >> Besides the WiiWare games, Nintendo's recent media party in San Francisco highlighted games from third party developers, like LucasArts [assumed spelling], The Force Unleash or Electronic Arts, Boom Blox, developed in partnership with Steven Spielberg. >> If you have at any point in your life built up, you know, a stock of blocks and knocked them over, or ran by as your little brother did and kicked his over, you know, you're going to love Bloom Blox. >> Also, hotly anticipated this spring are the new peripherals [assumed spelling] from Mario Car Wii and Wii Fit. >> By taking the motion control of the Wii Remote, putting a Wii Wheel peripheral around that and making it very approachable. So anybody who looks at the steering wheel is like, oh, I just steer, it blends that natural motion that you kind of have when you're playing driving games anyway, and turns it into something that anybody can play. Everything within Wii Fit is centered around the ideal of balance and how balance relates to your overall health and fitness. >> Now, I'm going to try a Wii Fit that comes with a Wii Balance board. To start, I do have to take off my shoes, and then Jeff here is going to walk me through what exactly happens. >> Wii Fit can calculate and keep track of your weight and body mass index and help you set serious fitness goals. >> You have your own trainer here too that will walk you through the exercise. And you can see your center of gravity on here, which is really cool, something that you wouldn't get in a yoga studio. And you've got your personal trainer focusing only on you. >> [Inaudible] the yoga, you can also use it for more dynamic sports like snowboarding or my new favorite, ski jumping. Whether you're looking for a workout or a gut bomb. >> There's also what we call the typewriter, it's this kind of motion, you're eating corn, ribs, watermelon. >> Nintendo's banking on having something for everyone. >> This is interactive entertainment for everybody. It's not just video games for video gamers. >> I'm Kara Tsuboi [phonetic], CNET ^M00:02:35 [ Music ]

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