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Wayne Brady drops in on the 404: CES 2012

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CES 2012: Wayne Brady drops in on the 404

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At the CNET stage at CES 2012, Wayne Brady talks about CES, technology, and the future of gaming with the 404 cast.

Ladies and gentleman, Wayne Brady. How are you? Thanks for coming on, man. All right. Hey, great to meet you. Have a seat, sir. What's going on? Nothing much. I apologize for my tardiness. Not a problem. The guy that was driving here... I've been driving around the parking lot. Really? Just hanging out and watching people. He knew he can just drop you off, right? No, he just wanted to drive. You know, I've been to Vegas about for 45 years. I've been here 25 years now too. I guess we have something in common. Yeah, I love the advice that cabbies give you like in Vegas when you're driving, you know, you get in the cab and the first thing they ask you is "Oh, where are you going? Well, I know a couple of guys who can hook you up here and there." Yeah, "I said was I the only one that was asked about that?" No, this is the dirtiest place on earth. No, to be honest. If there's anyone here that is a local and you're upset with that, well too darn bad... Yeah... because it is the dirtiest place. Those cab drivers and even some of the limo guys too, they look very upstanding and they can get in the car and "Nice to meet you, Mr. Brady." "Pleasure." "You know, I got a cousin. We're gonna go get that (gulch?). You know what I am saying? You know, I can get you hooked up." "What are you talking about?" "I am sorry, Mr. Brady. I didn't realized. I didn't realized." There are such (ears?) like that. (??) on it and not mess with them too 'cause you know, I am a cop. What? No, really. I am just kidding. I am like Segal and have a badge in real life and there you go. So how are you enjoying yourself at CES? Well, this is... I just walked in to CES right now like I was just ushered inside. So I plan on spending the afternoon, I am a big (technofile?) and this... I've gotten the opportunity the past couple of years to actually play here for a few different venues. All right. And it's been an amazing experience to be able to see the latest things and to touch them and to get stuff. Yeah. This is like the free stuff for geeks and nerds. It's the best thing that we could ever have. This is pron. It's Christmas. This is Christmas porn for people that love electronics. Girls (??) proud. Just give me some of that blinks and whistles and I am content. Yes, 'cause this like can turn off at some point. Can I plug this in to my ear? Well, look I am playing with this. This is awesome. This is awesome here. We're talking about games before. I found out you're actually a big gamer yourself, is that true? Yes. Yes. You're smirking like you're about to admit something. Yeah, I just lost a few weeks of my life to Skyrim. I am right there with you, Sir. Now, I am glad that I am in a room full of people that... Yeah. Yeah... in the wrong setting of Vegas because they got like, you know my cousin had the golf. And they say that to you all the time. Same thing happens to me. Yeah, that's consumed a bunch of my life. Yeah. And the new modern Warfare. Absolutely. I've been online playing, angry racist 13-year-olds from Nebraska, my God. 4 months now. I didn't... what is it with that? Did they gave more copies down there? I don't understand. What is up with that? And they're all so young and the youngest ones talk the most crap and their voice is cracked too while they're doing it. You know, your mother... No, let's do that with that yours. In their basement. I know your mother. Yes, I knew you'd love it. I have seen her in the PTA meetings and is very disappointed at you, Roger. Yeah, you say (??) call me dad. So, actually he named you one of the 20 most influential gamers last year. Yes. What was that like? That was amazing. They came on the set of Let's Make a Deal and they have this box and inside the box was a trophy. A big... not just, oh I went down to Al's Trophy Shop. Right. They went to Tiffany's and had a trophy made, only 20 of these people, 20 were given out and I got a trophy and they gave me a Letterman's jacket, a really cool leather Letterman's jacket. Nice. I didn't even have a Letterman's jacket in high school. What are you, in the Masters or something? Right. But that made me feel like I just accomplished something but like I should be walking in slow motion and big music behind me. You did it Wayne Brady. You wasted your hours playing that. Congratulations. Here, it's yours. Take it. You've earned it. And they gave me free games and just the title alone because a lot of folks don't know right now but folks don't know that I am a gamer and I've been a gamer for years. That is actually in my contract when I played gigs like out here in Vegas or tour or even in TV Show, I have to have a PS3 and the 360 in my room. You are my idol. It's an every writer and see, like some guys on TV or movies, whatnot, I need to have the M&M's and this and get me crack and this treat. As long as I've got my video games, I am good to go because the games keep me from hurting people in real life. So you'll just be killing people left and right. Because so many people walk in and they go "Hey, Wayne. Do I have to choke a bitch or (??)." I said if you have that every single pay, you don't wanna go off when someone will. Fair enough. So I have to go (??) and I sit down and I play. Get the (??) that way. Yes, I play. I call (??) and we get online and we play and we hang out and then we don't have to hurt people. Totally understandable. Well, is there any games you're looking forward to or tech you're looking forward to in 2012, in particular? Yeah, like what's your most anticipated game? Well, you know what? I think I've kept my head down so much, I don't really know what's coming out now. What's on the books? Well... There will probably be another Call of Duty game, I would imagine. Well, there's one all the time. So that... Yes, I'll buy that. It's seems just sort over redundant. So it would be Call of Duty (Watts). Call of Duty Sacramento. Yeah. Yeah. Albuquerque. Like... Albuquerque. It's ridiculous. You spaced sorted just shuffle up... But I'll buy them. I will buy them. Wait, you mentioned that you're in to online multiplayer video games but are you also into like social networking games, are you like doing the Farmville, Zynga thing or you like you can't stand folks like that. Okay. There is no judgment here because part of me wanting to do these shows and whatnot is to show my online love and become a part of the social media family. Sure. But I have to say with the little bit of scuffing and a tiny bit of duration, I judge the Farmville because I love video games. So I don't judge Farmville 'cause I know that the social aspect that people get together and bloop, oh, Jimmy wants to sell me a chicken. Well, if I wanted a chicken in real life, I'd go to Georgia. Yeah. So I don't need Jimmy to sell any online for sure. So in video games, I look for a visual experience that takes me some place. It puts me in to another world just like a movie or a book. Farmville does not put me in to another world. No. If I were 8 and love unicorns... Damn right. That's right up my alley then. But... Yes, I mean yeah, for an 8 year old, for sure. Yes, but I am not a big fan. I think I am gonna try to play... there is one though that I saw that looks interesting, the Mafia Wars. Maybe I'll jump in that but if I can't really shoot someone in real time and then I don't know if I want it. If I don't see blood, it's not really good. Yeah, and if it's a multiplayer, the reason to talk where I wear my goggles (??). So do you feel that, you know, iPad games are a huge business. They're selling millions of these games. They're 99 cents a pop, super cheap. I come from a school that thought that yeah, that's nice if I am in the waiting room in the doctor's office. Exactly. I need a real sort of, you know, hand held. I need buttons to be honest. Get in there. Get me some sushi and I am cutting strings and rope. Yeah. Very good. That's great. I will throw birds at as many pigs as you want me to all day but give me, you know, buttons, give me triggers. Have you had a chance to check out the PlayStation Vita that is coming out? Have you heard about the Vita? You just made me erect. Really? I am so sorry to share that to everyone but you said PlayStation Vita and I got stirred, is that wrong that I came to Vegas and nothing else stirred me? Yeah. When you said PlayStation Vita and now I am (??). 6 to midnight, right away right? Wow. That's unbelievable. All right. I am sorry. You're welcome. Wow. Wow. Was it good for you? PlayStation. They have a portable gaming system that's already on Japan and coming out here February 22nd. I guess I am gonna get you one then. Why do they get the best stuff first over in Japan? Really, what is up with that? So it's downloadable contents? So it's downloadable games or it's gonna come in like a little card that you pop in on the top. They already have Uncharted. Are you familiar Uncharted? Oh, come on, (??) Uncharted. He looks fantastic. I am sure you're putting a PlayStation 3 in your hands. Really, because you made me a little skeptical with the card thing because I think we've all seen, remember those old school that... I forget the system that there was a card video game system where it was the waive of the future where you take the cards and you just swipe them instead of cartridges. Right. And the cards never work... No... and they bend and the images came out looking like someone smashed your LCD screen. Yeah. It wasn't... it didn't take off. No. This is a different sort of thing. I think cards you insert are sort of lame but they look like little SD cards. You pop them in and you know, they have (??) just fitting on this little micro SD Card. I am waiting for the day where you're gonna have to just blow into the cartridge like you did... Like with old school? Yeah. Now, I am waiting because the great thing about shows like this and technologies, this is a 2012. You know I am turning 39. So I am excited as a gamer because I think that my school of gamers, my generation, born in '71 - '72, as we've gotten older now, by the time that we turn 60, you'll be able to have virtual reality that is better than anything that you play... I hope... That's what I am hoping. Yeah, like there's so many diseases that can be cured. I am hoping for (??). Don't worry about that, that will fix itself. I wanna be on a holo-deck. I want my body to be withering away while I am running away from aliens in the virtual space. You know, it's something we bring up all the time. I am about to turn 30. I am still a big gamer. I think about when I... you know, at that grandfatherly age, am I still gonna have that reaction. Yes. Would it be okay? Yes, as long as your thumbs work, as long as this can happen. That's it. Really, this is all I need. This is all you need. You just be there like this. (??). It's like a big (??) my game. Probably would still be playing that like Michael Jackson experience, like the Blackeyed Peas experience but probably for the handle games. I am a huge fan of those. Wait. Wait. There's a Blackeyed Peas experience. Oh yeah, yeah, there is. It's... it's not really much of an experience. It's very short. Yeah. It's not the biggest experience that you had but it's there. Wow. Are you in to the dancing games? Yes, I just got Just Dance 3. All right. And now, we have Just Dance 3 parties and I am gonna start posting my videos online of us playing, I am gonna invite folks over because I've gotta tell you and this is no... I killed that game because I am a dancer. Yeah. Yeah. I killed that game. I am making up my own moves and lastly got my (??). I am talking smack to my 8-year-old and her friends (??) and they lose and then I grab their heads and I push it. What is that (??). My cousin has the (??) she can play. Well Wayne, thanks for coming on the show. Thank you for being here. We really appreciate you being here. Wayne, you're also hosting CBS's Let's Make a Deal. Yes. Doing a great job on that. Everyone, check that out as well. Wayne Brady, ladies and gentleman. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. We really appreciate it. PlayStation Vita, I gotta remember that. You got it. Remember that. Right. Yes. We'll send you one. All right. Guys, up next on the CES CNET stage, 50 Cent is gonna be here. Really exciting stuff. Wow.(??) Yes, I know. All right. Thanks again to Wayne Brady. We really appreciate it. That's gonna do it for us today on the 404 Podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in guys. Have a great show. We'll see you soon. Again, a round of applause for Wayne Brady.

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