Crave: Walk on the ceiling in X-Men-inspired shoes, Ep. 161
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Crave: Walk on the ceiling in X-Men-inspired shoes, Ep. 161

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An X-Men superfan builds magnetic boots out of old microwave parts and becomes Magneto (sort of).

Hey, my name is Steven Beacham and here's what's happening this week, on CNet's Crave blog. Scientist's from the Biorobotics Laboratory, BioRob for short. Out of Switzerland, have created Roombots which are modular robotic balls that can roll around, grasp one another, and merge with furniture making it mobile. Each Roombot contains a battery, three motors, a wireless antenna. And small hook-like claws for gripping on to other Roombots for creating different configurations. The hole-filled surfaces of the Roombots allow for them to grip on to each other tightly, allowing them the ability to move large objects with teamwork. [MUSIC]. Increasing the height of the table or reconfiguring furniture to be adaptable to the home owner's mood or special needs. And the winner of the annual best illusion of the year contest, which honors the finest visual and auditory brain teasers in all the land is. The Dynamic Ebbinghaus which I'm probably not pronouncing correctly. Runners up included flexible colors and a turn in the road. Congratulations and since we're looking at things lets look at Rodger Federer's POV while playing tennis. Changes everything the ground doesn't it? Yeah. Okay that was incredible. Another useless use for Google Glass. Thank you. A couple of weeks here on Crave I showed off the first 3D printer modified to give tattoos which seemed like it could be a very scary experience for the receiver of said tattoo. Well way back in 2010 pancake enthusiast. An inventor, Miguel Valenzuela from Norway, built a 3D printer to make pancakes. The PancakeBot it was dubbed. Well, he has since upgraded his previous PancakeBot printer, and the new and improved PancakeBot comes equipped with stepper motors, arduino controllers. Clear acrylic pieces, as well as the programming ability to draw out any pancake design, including the Eiffel Tower, as seen in this video. [MUSIC] The PancakeBot was shown off recently at the San Francisco. Skill bay area's Maker Faire of May 17th, but it is not for sale. It was however used to produce the short stop motion film called Breakfast Gallop, made with pancakes, egg and bacon. [MUSIC]. Mad scientist, slash youtuber, slash super X-Men fan Colin Furze famous for his do-it-yourself videos on YouTube including these Wolverine claws, has invented Magneto boots that allow him to enthusiastically walk on the ceiling. Yes! [LAUGH] Yeah [LAUGH] I'm walking on the ceiling! I'm walking on the ceiling, look at that! [LAUGH] Colin built the boots out of old microwave parts and a pair of Vans. [MUSIC] He removed the transformers from the microwaves, extracting the magnetic coils. He attached custom made plates to the magnetic coils, and ran some current through them. And found that the magnets were strong enough to hold his body weight. He then added switches to cut off the current to each shoe. Allowing him to release each foot separately, and make his historic walk across the ceiling of his work room. Check out more of Colin's do-it-yourself videos on YouTube. Alright guys that's the show thank you very much for watching. As always you can find all these new stories at CNet's Crave blog. Make sure you follow crave on twitter @CRAVE. And enter for a chance to win this week's Crave giveaway. This week's Crave giveaway is the Bracketron SmartLantern portable battery pack. This little go anywhere gadget charger also works as a lantern and or flashlight. Go to the blog and enter to win. [MUSIC] [MUSIC]

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