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First Look: Vizio VP505XVT

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First Look: Vizio VP505XVT

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Vizio's best effort yet, the VP505XVT 50-inch plasma aces that delicate balance between picture quality and value.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hi, I'm David Katzmaier from CNET and this is the Vizio VP505XVT. It's a 50-inch flat panel plasma TV. One of the less expensive plasmas in that screen size we reviewed this year. This is a 1080p model, however, so it does have the highest resolution available today. Vizio acquired this panel in the standard glossy black finish. Around the edge of the screen there is a little bit of touch of color. Below the screen, there's bronze speaker bar here is besets a little bit so it's a nice touch. The stand itself, though isn't quite as classy. It's just kind of a matte black number that get's the job done. There is no swivel on this stand. Vizio did equip the TV with 4 HDMI inputs although unusually two are on the side panel, but there's also two on the back here along with a single component video input which is less than normal as well as a PC input that could take the full 1080p resolution. Vizio's menu system does offer a good amount of options to adjust the picture, you can go in and play with the color temperature for example and customize it to your want. There is also a lot of other advanced picture controls including the advanced game control. We leave most of these off for a critical viewing. The TV also features a solid picture and picture which is something that's found on not -- all that many TV's this year, so that's kind of a plus. When you check the Vizio it allows the -- the biggest plus was its picture quality. We were very impressed by its black color performance, it's among the better plasma we've tested this year in that department delivering a nice deep color of black. The color accuracy especially after calibration was also nothing to sneeze at. This TV also features HQV video processing which did a really good job in general with standard def and high def materials. So all in all it featured extremely good performance especially for the price. That's a Quick Look at the Vizio-VP505XVT and I'm David Katzmaier. ^M00:01:47 [ Music ]

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