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How To Video: Use "OK, Google" everywhere on your Android device

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How To Video: Use "OK, Google" everywhere on your Android device

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If your phone or tablet is running one of the latest versions of Android, you can prompt Google Now with a simple voice command, from any screen.

[MUSIC] Google now just keeps getting smarter. And this time, a new feature let's you access a personal assistant from anywhere on Android. With Google now everywhere, you can say OK, Google while you're in other apps and even from the lock screen. First make sure you have the latest version of the Google search app. You can find out if you do by heading over to the Google Play Store. Then, to the side bar and tap My Apps to see if it needs to be updated. Then, just say, okay Google. Followed by, okay Google everywhere. Now, it looks like nothing happened, but, what you just did, is activate that new feature. So now, head back to Google Now. And go all the way down to the menu button, and select settings. Here, go to voice, and then okay google detection. At this point, you should see a new set of options that weren't there before. What you want to check here is from any screen, and now you'll teach your app to recognize your voice. So, I'll just say, ok google, ok google, ok google. This is awesome, because it means that google now wont randomly launch when somebody else has google. Hit okay, and you got the new feature. With ok google enabled anywhere, you can save a spare of moment command, no matter where you are in the system. Okay google, what's the weather like in L.A.. It's 80 degrees and clear in Los Angeles back in the settings you also have the option to enable OK Google from the lock screen. Super convenient but do know that you if you check this box, someone could theoretically pick up your phone and place a call using voice command. Or even access your information. Okay Google, give me directions home. Getting directions to 235 Second Street. If you have any questions or tips of your own hit me up on Twitter and check out CNet.com/how-to for me tips like this. For cnet, I`m Sharon Profis. [MUSIC]
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