Wearable Tech: Unboxing the Fitbit Force
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Wearable Tech: Unboxing the Fitbit Force

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Watch CNET's Donald Bell unbox the Fitbit Force, a top-tier fitness tracker that can even keep tabs on your sleeping habits.

-This unboxing is brought to you by Best Buy. Get the right gift at the right price, all at your ultimate holiday showroom. -Hey, I'm Donald Bell for CNET.com. And today, we are unboxing the Fitbit Force. Now, this is the new $130 top-of-the-line Fitbit. It's a fitness tracker, comes in two colors-- comes in black, it comes in like a slate blue kinda color. I'll show you which color we have here. Take a look. We have packaging. Here it is. The Fitbit Force, got them black. Nice. Understated. It's gonna be a good color for me, a good way for me to get in shape or at least just look like I'm about to. All right. We got it out of one box, so let's get it out of the other one here. The box itself looks pretty cool, gives you a little description of what the Fitbit Force is all about. Let's open this thing up. Carefully. Ooh. So, there is the Fitbit Force itself. You see, one of the coolest things about this particular version of the Fitbit is that it has a display that can tell the time, you can click the little button here on the side to be able to see a record of your activity, number of steps taken, all that good stuff. Let's see what else is in the box. I get a little tab down here at the bottom you've got to tug. So, inside the box, let's see what we get. We should have some instructions here that's telling you to go to Fitbit.com/setup because that's really the critical part of this whole thing, and not just the Force itself, but all of the software that can help you track and set goals and do all that good stuff. And then, you've got the charging cable. Now, the charging cable is only gonna come in handy once every week. It says the battery life here should be about 7 to 10 days, which is a nice, long stretch. And then, you also have this. this is the USB Dongle that gives you Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility for your laptop. It's both Mac- and PC-compatible. And it's a way for your Fitbit Force to communicate wirelessly to your computer. So, it can upload all that important information about how many steps you've taken, calories burned and all that. So, you get the charging cable, you get the USB Dongle, and you get the Fitbit Force. That's all there is to it. Let me try this thing on. What do you think, cool? Now, the cool thing about this is that it is both splash-proof and sweat-proof, so you can get pretty active here and not have to worry about it blinking out on you. The other interesting thing that the Fitbit Force does that all the other competitors don't is that it tracks your sleeping habits, can tell you how good a night's sleep you're getting. So, you're supposed to keep this thing on you 24/7 and live a better life because of it. So, there you go. That's the unboxing of the Fitbit Force, $130. Great way to kick off a New Year's resolution. You can learn more about it over at CNET.com.

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