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Loaded: Turn your TV into a computer

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Loaded: Turn your TV into a computer

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Facebook announces new features, Verizon iPhone rumors are back, and Logitech's Revue box is the first to run Google TV.

-It's Thursday, October 7th. I'm Mark Licea, and it's time to get loaded. Logitech unveiled their Google TV set-top box. For $300, you get the Logitech Revue box that you can connect to any HDTV, and an included keyboard controller. It lets you easily search for content from your TV, your DVR, and your computer through a DLNA connection. It's preloaded with a slew of apps from Google TV and Logitech, like Pandora and Netflix. It just about turns your TV into a computer, but right now, Hulu does not work. Logitech also announced an HD video cam that sits on top of your TV, and it's sold separately. The Revue box is coming out near the end of the month. Facebook announced some changes to the site yesterday. Facebook Groups will soon be designated for small, niche groups like families and sports teams. You can't join a group without being invited, and members cannot exceed 250 people. The company also added a way to download all the information from your profile onto a zip file. The site is also adding a Dashboard, where you can see what applications users are connected to, with a log of the user activity for each app. And more Verizon iPhone rumors, so here it goes. The Wall Street Journal is saying that Apple is prepping to mass produce a CDMA iPhone by the end of this year. This means, Sprint and Verizon could be selling iPhones early 2011. Sources say the CDMA phone will closely resemble the current AT&T iPhone 4, and Apple is also working on their 5th generation smart phone for next year. Verizon is expanding their 4G LTE coverage into 38 cities by the end of this year. The service is not only faster, but it reduces latency by more than half. Seattle, Houston, L.A., New York, and Washington are just a few of the cities to get the service. Verizon's President Lowell McAdam says that at CES in January, there's gonna be half a dozen smart phones and tablets that'll support the LTE network available for the first half of 2011. Those are your headlines for today. I'm Mark Licea for CNET.com, and you've just been loaded.

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